Monday, October 25, 2010

Smell the roses...

That is what everyone wants.
Fast. Now faster. No. That's too slow.
Drive as fast as you can on the freeway.
Get your food as fast as you can from the drive thru.
Have calls that last 3 seconds.
Even that is too slow.
No one takes the time to breathe.
We are always moving.
Why not take the time to stop and ask someone how their day is?
Then actually wait to hear the answer.
Stop all the way at the stop sign.
It doesn't take that much longer.
Maybe if we'd all stop and smell the roses,
we'd actually be able to find things to be grateful for.
God created this earth for us.
Enjoy it.
We're only here for a little while.
You never know what day will be your last,
so take advantage of every day.
Just smell the roses.

1 comment:

jodi kay said...

You really are amazing! I am so glad you started blogging again. I love reading it! Love you tons!