Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me.

Regardless of the fact that this song is sung by a Disney Channel star
(and let's be honest, we all love at least one show on there),
or that it may be a little cheesy,
it actually has a really good message.

Who says you're not perfect?
Who says you're not worth it?
Who says you're not pretty?
Who says you're not beautiful?

I don't believe there is one person out there who has it all.
Everybody has at least one problem with themselves.
Whether they don't like their eyebrows, their teeth, body shape, laugh, voice, ect.
We could spend hours picking apart every little thing wrong with us.
Because let's face the facts, none of us are perfect.
We aren't even close.
No matter how many things we might find that aren't exactly perfect,
There are even more things that are beautiful.
When we think of beautiful women we think of those "flawless" women on the cover of magazines.
Hate to break it to you,
But you will never look like that.
They won't ever look like that.
Because it's not real.

Stop comparing yourself to the girls on magazine covers.
Think of all the beautiful women you see every day.
The natural beautiful ones.
The ones who have had kids and didn't get their 17 year old figure back.
The ones who don't have perfect skin or hair.
The ones that you stop and take a second look at because they really are beautiful.
You are one of those women.
We all are.
And we are all beautiful.
This is the same lesson you've had in young women's every other week since you were a beehive.
The same one they teach in relief society.
There is a reason it is a repetitive lesson.
Because it's true.
Once a day look in the mirror, and instead of looking so closely at each pimple and hair out of place,
Look at the whole picture.
Look at how beautiful you really are.
Who says you can't be beautiful?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

House building.

My brother and I are designing a house.
No big deal.
We're kind of like professional architects.
It's whatever.

We found this super sweet website.

We were bored.
So we started playing.
First we just made the floor plan of our current house.
Then, he being him, decided we should design one of our own.
It's rockin'. 
And not to fret, I'll find a way to show you all.
Because I know you are just dying to see what spending an entire day stuck in my house produces.
So get excited.
I know I am.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The story I didn't really want to tell.

Some stories end happily ever after.
Others end in tragedy.
And some never really "end", 
The author just decides to stop writing.
This one was just like that.
It didn't end happily.
But it didn't end sadly, either.
It just sort of...stopped.

If you aren't in the mood for a novel, 
I suggest you stop now.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. 
And what is a story without a boy?
So of course, there was a boy.
The boy just so happened to be extremely handsome.
The girl had always admired him from afar. 
On the day before school started, 
The girl's best friend asked her who she would like to date this year.
Naturally she said this handsome boy. 
Whom of course she had never actually spoken to. 
It was a dream.
The first day of school came.
Each class period brought a new hope that he just might be in her class. 
By the end of the first day she was a little discouraged. 
He was in none of her classes.
But she still had another day of new classes.
1st period: No.
2nd: Nope.
3rd: Again, no.
She went to lunch, laughing at herself for thinking he would be in one of her classes.
The bell for 4th period rang and she decided she had better scoot off to class.
She noticed him in a red t-shirt walking in the general direction of her class.
She got a little excited.
She walked into her class but didn't see him.
She sat down and wished with every fiber of her being he would walk into her class.
He didn't.
And the bell rang.
All hope was lost.
Until she looked up just in time to catch someone walk in late to class. 
Wearing a red t-shirt. 
She just about died. 
It was meant to be.
It had to be. 
So she started plotting out how she would make this happen.
Lucky for her, her best friend transferred into the class.
They plotted and planned.
Eventually she started talking to him.
He was funny. 
He made a list of things to do in a snuggie. 
They talked more and more.
And eventually were sitting next to each other every day.
She and her friend sneakily snuck him her phone number one day. 
He texted her the next day.
He asked about their homework. 
Then they started talking more and more frequently. 
Texting, saying hello in the halls, talking in class, etc.
One day she was drawing a tattoo on her friend's foot.
He asked her to draw one on his arm.
Then she said they should hang out sometime.
So they did. 
Multiple times. 
Then she consulted with her bff and finally decided it was time to move forward.
She asked him to Sadie Hawkin's. 
Everything that could possibly go wrong while asking him, did. 
It was a wreck.
But for some strange reason, 
He said yes.
So they went.
And had a ball.
They hung out again after the dance. 
And on his birthday she skipped class and they bought a fish. 
Then prom approached.
She wasn't really interested in going.
Unless he asked her. 
And against all odds,
He did.
He asked her to senior prom.
He wore a tux.
She got the most beautiful dress.
They danced on the balcony.
In the rain.
When he took her home, 
her sister was in the driveway with her date.
Which was fine.
Just slightly awkward.
Nothing happened at the doorstep.
It didn't really bother her. 
They still hung out and talked. 
They went on a picnic. 
She made chocolate chip cookies.
He made lemonade. 
Then they talked for hours.
She got him to go to the senior sluff day.
They hung out the entire time.
Lighting their hands on fire and everything. 
The end of the school year was drawing to a close.
They signed the others yearbook.
Promising to go to that arcade.
Then the day came to put on a cap and gown.
They took a few pictures together.
Then they each took their turn to receive the paper that meant they would never have to return to high school.
He didn't go to the all-night party.
She didn't ask him what he did instead.
And they never spoke again.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Old habits die hard.

Number one:
I despise pictures of myself.
Especially if I am alone in my room taking it..

Oh well.
I felt this time was maybe appropriate?

Number two:
I haven't let my natural curl loose since I had a crush on someone sophomore year. 
He told me he thought it was cute.
So I did it a few times over the couple weeks after that...
Don't worry.
No one told me it was cute.
I just felt like bringing the old me back for a night. 


Do you ever find yourself missing someone?
Someone who isn't gone, 
but not here anymore either. 
And you think of all the ways to make it like it used to be.
When they were here.
Because you were best friends.
But you aren't the same person.
And neither are they.
And you realize, 
that maybe they just don't like you as much as they used to.
Then you look around you.
You like where you are. 
You like who is around you.
And you are happy.
So you finally realize that people come and go in your life.
Everyone comes for a reason.
They help you grow.
Help shape who you are supposed to be.
And sometimes you just need to let them go. 
You don't have to forget about them. 
Because they changed you. 
But you don't need to feel awkward when you run into them anymore.
Just smile. 
And remember the good times. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Emotions are incredible.
Like how one feeling can change the world.
For the better or worse. 
One emotion can create a life.
One can take a life away.
I don't think there is anything more powerful than human emotions. 
And no one else on this entire planet can control anyone else.
Your emotions are in your hands.
You have complete power over them.
Sure, sometimes someone "makes" you mad. Or sad. Or happy.
But they don't really.
Because no one can make you feel anything.
You feel all on your own. 
So if we have total power over our feelings, why do we hurt?
You'd think that no one would ever want to feel the pain of despair and depression. 

So why do we?

If what I'm saying is true, then why would anyone put themselves through so much torment?
It's simple. 
We have to feel sorrow to feel happiness. 
What would feel good about acing a test if you never knew what it was like to fail one?
A beautiful picture would be just another picture if there were no bad ones. You can't have one with out the other. 
But don't let the bad feelings and emotions make your entire life miserable.
Acknowledge them, and then forget about them. 
If it's not love, then simply let it go.
Control your emotions. 
But don't forget to feel.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My new idea...

Ok guys. 
I'm trying something.
I got this dress for prom that I completely fell in love with.
It's easily my favorite dress of all time. 
And I got a little depressed when I thought how it would be sitting in my closet for the rest of eternity. 
Unless by chance, my sisters decided that they don't want to buy a brand new dress for their proms. 
Ha. Highly unlikely.
And there is no way I can get rid of it.
I thought about that already.
But I really want someone else to enjoy it because it is beautiful.
So I got to thinking. 
And I'm starting up this new thing.
I'm not even sure how well it will work out or if it will even work out.
But no harm in trying.
It's called Not Your Sister's Closet.
It's like a rent-a-dress. And I'm just going to rent out all of my dresses! 
Because throughout high school I got some dresses that I deeply admire and can't give away.
Including my prom dress.
So. If you or anyone you know is ever in need of a homecoming dress, prom dress, ANYTHING.
Please send them right over to the website!
You can also donate dresses.
So lets say you have a dress you as well can't fully get rid of.
Donate it to me! 
You will get 10% of every rental on your dress.
And you can buy it back at any time
I am renting them for (what I think) is a pretty good price. 
So please please please share this with your friends.
I would love to see these dresses get worn multiple times.
Feel free to click HERE and browse.

Happy Sunday.

Life has a funny way of working itself out.
No matter how hard you try at some things,
They just might not work out.
And sometimes you aren't trying at all and things come from nowhere.
Be thankful either way.

Take a look back on every trial you have ever had.
They have either:
A) led you to something bigger and better,
B) made you who you are today,
C) made it possible so that you can help someone else  in the same situation, or
D) all of the above.

So before you start complaining about all the stuff going wrong in your life, wait like five minutes.
Okay..Maybe not really five minutes, but you get what I mean.
Life is good. 
Don't let the few rotten apples ruin the entire tree.
Have a nice Sunday.

Friday, July 15, 2011


It might be considered a problem when all of your sisters are out with boys on a Friday night,
and you are at home watching So You Think You Can Dance. 
It may further the problem when they have all kissed before you.
Especially because four of them are younger than you.
And the problem continues when instead of doing something about this so called problem, 
you already plan on spending your evening watching all the romance movies on Netflix...
And most likely updating your blog more than once.

The problem exceeds its limit when lastly,
you decide you couldn't care less.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'll admit..

I love reading.
Truly and honestly I do.
But you want to know a secret?
I mostly read one kind of book.
Sure, I love almost all books.
And I love books that really make me think about life.
I have total respect for people who read only intellectual books.
But here's my secret:
I read romance novels.
Any book based on a love story, 
I'll read it. 
I checked out all of the Nickolas Sparks books from the library.
Sue me.
I don't care if it makes me a pathetic hopeless romantic.
Because while other books make you think, and question, and discover,
These books make me happy. 
And if you enjoy reading them to, read them.
And if you don't.
You should read one.
Read one romance novel without a skeptical mind and see how it goes.
Everyone needs a little love in their life, right?

Rain, rain...

I know everyone is kind of freaking out about the summer weather.
And how it is in fact, not summer weather.
But here is the problem.
We complain when it rains.
We complain when it snows.
We complain when it is hot. 
We complain when it is windy.
I know it sucks not being able to run around in the sun and get tan.
It's no fun having a seven peaks pass and not being able to go.
Think about this though, what if someone really needs the rain?
Like what if someone right here in good old American Fork prayed and prayed that they could get a little rain.
Maybe they have crops and they need some water.
I don't know. 
(I don't even know if people still call them crops..)
But the point is, stop complaining.
There will be other summers.
And besides, what is more fun than running around in a warm rain storm?
And as a matter of fact, I LOVE this weather. 
I love grey skies, cloudy days, and rain. 
And I am sure others do too.
At the beginning of the school year people are going to ask you how your summer was.
You have a choice.
You could say, 
"It sucked. It basically rained the entire summer and I couldn't do anything fun!"
But that is a lie. 
It didn't rain the entire summer.
Sure, it's rained a lot during the month of July...but not the entire summer!
And there are plenty of things you can still do on a cloudy day.
And you know what?
It hasn't even been cold during the day. 
It rains in the evening.
So you have basically had every day to do something fun.
Don't blame the weather for any lack of fun you may be experiencing. 
Embrace it.
Enjoy it.
And have a good summer.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stomping the roses.

Wasting time, just going mindless
Watching your charades.
When we were younger did it occur to you
10 years from now you'd act the same age?

I can't figure out if it's me, or them.
You would think since we graduated it would be possible to actually act like a real person. 
And not like an eight year old.
Clearly, it is not.
I'm all for acting like a kid sometimes.
But that is just it.
Eventually, you need to act your age.
Because it gets annoying babysitting you.
When I would rather be hanging out with you.
And I know that it was totally fine to treat girls the way you do when you were in 2nd grade. 
But guess what.
You aren't in second grade anymore.
And neither am I.
So it would be much appreciated if you would treat me like I am 18.
Not 8.
Let's just say, 
I can't wait til you go on your mission and grow up.
Because you are a great boy.
Just not a great man.

Speaking of eight year olds though, 
My baby sister turned 8 today. 
Had her baptism and everything.
We had matching dresses.
Only, we didn't mean to.

Steel Days is OVER.
Maybe we can all get some rest now.
Well, mostly mom and dad.
Until it comes time to plan for next year..
I have a feeling that is going to come a lot faster than I am ready for.

Anywho, I was in the need of a little ramble.
Peace out chub scouts.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Proud to be an American

Happy 4th of July everyone.
It's been a good one.
An interesting one...
but nonetheless, a good one. 
We did have matching shirts. 
But we didn't go to the balloons this year.
We did get up and go to the parade.
But we weren't planning on it. 
We didn't go swimming with my cousins. 
But we did have a BBQ with them.
I didn't do any fireworks. 
But I did sit on the deck with dad and watch the rest of the world do fireworks.

And I learned two things.

Number one:
Riding on the back of a motorcycle? Awesome.
Riding on the back of a motorcycle on the freeway in the wind and the rain? Not so awesome.

Number two:
My family knows me best. 
Even if they don't realize it.

Enjoy your freedom. 
People fought so we could.