Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tip of the day

Everything you do looks better when your fingernails are painted red.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Future Husband.

Please wear a grey suit to church every week.
Not just the pants, but a jacket too.
It's ok to bring me flowers on just regular days.
And leaving a sticky note on the mirror 
with something remotely cute written on it 
will make my whole day.
"I'm fine" means exactly the opposite.
I like to clean.
But only if I can listen to music really loud.
So that would be a good time to leave me alone.
If I am in a bad mood, 
don't talk to me for like 5 minutes 
and then I'll be back to normal.
I hope you are ok with a lot of kids,
because I want at least 5.
I can't cook.
I want to be a teacher.
That means we'll both have careers.
Who knows what I'll do when we have kids,
but just so you know,
that is what I want to do.
I hope you can sing.
Because I would really like to 
sit next to someone in church who can sing.
But if you can't, that is ok.
Still sing loud.
I don't care how much money you make 
if it means you work more.
I'd rather see you and be poor 
than have you work more and be rich.
I like to listen to music in the car.
In fact, I really hate driving with no music.
And I usually don't listen to the whole song,
I'll change it before it ends.
We're getting married in the temple.
No exeptions.
Don't ever tell me I can't do it.
I don't care what "it" is.
I'll try for hours if you tell me I can't.
Even if I know for a fact I can't.
We'll most likely live close to my parents.
And visit a lot.
So you should probably get used to them.
Waffles are my favorite.
And I'll probably eat them every morning.
I like old furniture. 
Not ugly old though.
Just old.
I have (sort of) a lot of clothes.
I'll most likely be needing my own closet.
I hate talking on the phone.
I also don't really like to hug.
So don't take yours for granted.
I like to write letters.
So if I ever write you one,
don't think I'm weird.
I don't say
“ I love you ”
Unless I mean it.
So when I say it?
I mean it.
Well, I hope I see you soon.
Love forever and always,
Your wife.
Jenna Renee        

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sub for Santa

I will be eating TEN of them.
In approximately two hours.
Last night my good friend Kelsey came with me to buy them.
We picked out eleven so I could try one before today.
I tried a piece probably a centimeter in diameter. 
I almost died.
So we decided to take all of the seeds out of the peppers,
and no that is not cheating it is called saving me from death.
I haven't tried one yet without the seeds.
We'll see how this goes....
Good think I'll have my jalapeno crew waiting right next to me with bread, milk, kleenex, and everything else we could think of.
Wish me luck.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It was a surprise party.
Our parents kinda rock.

Monday, December 13, 2010


High school is possibly the most interesting experience.
It actually starts in Junior High.
All of the kids who thought they were the big thing.
They had it all, right?
They were popular, cool, hot, everyone wanted to be them.
Then you got to high school.
No one cares about them.
Everyone's interest goes to a new group of people.
But guess what?
The same thing happens to those people too.
We are all going to graduate school and most likely in ten years,
you aren't going to have any contact
with that group you tried so hard to impress.
We'll all move on and live our own lives.
One day your kids will be in high school.
So stop worrying so much about what everyone at school thinks of you.
Because the second we all graduate, no one is going to care who you were in high school.
Who was Obama in high school?
No one cares.
Who was your boss in high school?
No one cares.
Who were you in high school?
So be whatever the heck you want to be
and stop caring about if you fit in or not.
How boring would life be if we were all the same?
There is a reason we all like different things and think differently.
So stop trying to be like someone else.
Make someone else want to be like you.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

If you were to ask this question to anyone,
"Is it ok to walk around with no pants on?"
I am pretty sure the majority of them would of course say,
Yet, here is an interesting fact,
Girls wear leggings as pants.

Therefore, can not be worn as pants.
Yes I understand they are thicker than tights.
They aren't pants.

It should be illegal to wear them as pants.
They were meant to be worn with short dresses.
Ya know, the ones that COVER YOUR BEHIND?
If your dress/shirt does not come down to at least below your buttox,
then guess what!
Put on a pair of pants.
Because you need them.
I don't know who began this
"Leggings are pants" trend,
but it should be stopped.
Oh, and for all of you out there who were leggings as pants
(Kelsey Lucena Ercanbrack)
I have nothing against you.
All I ask, is that you wear some pants.