Friday, December 17, 2010

Sub for Santa

I will be eating TEN of them.
In approximately two hours.
Last night my good friend Kelsey came with me to buy them.
We picked out eleven so I could try one before today.
I tried a piece probably a centimeter in diameter. 
I almost died.
So we decided to take all of the seeds out of the peppers,
and no that is not cheating it is called saving me from death.
I haven't tried one yet without the seeds.
We'll see how this goes....
Good think I'll have my jalapeno crew waiting right next to me with bread, milk, kleenex, and everything else we could think of.
Wish me luck.


Jessica said...

You did Great! good Job JENNA!!!! Your AMAZING!!!!

CaLea said...

I admire you greatly.
Like I said; I'll pray for the well-being of your body.
You did amazing!