Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Future Husband.

Please wear a grey suit to church every week.
Not just the pants, but a jacket too.
It's ok to bring me flowers on just regular days.
And leaving a sticky note on the mirror 
with something remotely cute written on it 
will make my whole day.
"I'm fine" means exactly the opposite.
I like to clean.
But only if I can listen to music really loud.
So that would be a good time to leave me alone.
If I am in a bad mood, 
don't talk to me for like 5 minutes 
and then I'll be back to normal.
I hope you are ok with a lot of kids,
because I want at least 5.
I can't cook.
I want to be a teacher.
That means we'll both have careers.
Who knows what I'll do when we have kids,
but just so you know,
that is what I want to do.
I hope you can sing.
Because I would really like to 
sit next to someone in church who can sing.
But if you can't, that is ok.
Still sing loud.
I don't care how much money you make 
if it means you work more.
I'd rather see you and be poor 
than have you work more and be rich.
I like to listen to music in the car.
In fact, I really hate driving with no music.
And I usually don't listen to the whole song,
I'll change it before it ends.
We're getting married in the temple.
No exeptions.
Don't ever tell me I can't do it.
I don't care what "it" is.
I'll try for hours if you tell me I can't.
Even if I know for a fact I can't.
We'll most likely live close to my parents.
And visit a lot.
So you should probably get used to them.
Waffles are my favorite.
And I'll probably eat them every morning.
I like old furniture. 
Not ugly old though.
Just old.
I have (sort of) a lot of clothes.
I'll most likely be needing my own closet.
I hate talking on the phone.
I also don't really like to hug.
So don't take yours for granted.
I like to write letters.
So if I ever write you one,
don't think I'm weird.
I don't say
“ I love you ”
Unless I mean it.
So when I say it?
I mean it.
Well, I hope I see you soon.
Love forever and always,
Your wife.
Jenna Renee        


jodi kay said...

Oh Jenna! This is the best thing ever! I love it and I love you! And I mean it!!!!

CaLea said...

This is quite possibly the best thing ever. :)
I love it. A lot.