Saturday, August 27, 2011

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Ok guys,
I got the winner for the giveaway!

First of all, 
I want everyone to know that I used this website to pick the winner.
So it was 100% random.

Now, the winner of my very first giveaway is...

Congratulations Jamie :)
Just email me at,
with your address and I will send you your prize package!

I wanted to give everyone the prize. 
I really did.
So I've decided something.
I'm going to do a  giveaway once a month.
So make sure you keep on reading so you can enter and win.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, make the week even lovelier.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Late night thinking.

You realize that the thing you've been waiting around for for so long,
Isn't what you want.
And it takes awhile to come to grasps with the concept that maybe there is something better out there.
You thought out every single possible solution of how it could work out.
What you would do when it does work out.
Then you just wake up one day, and you no longer want it.
You look back and it all makes sense.
Why you wanted it when you did.
Because life would be a heck of a lot different if you hadn't wanted it for so long.
But people change.
And so do feelings.
Especially feelings about people.

Sometimes you like someone for a really long time.
And you think you are totally going to happen.
But you don't.
So you wait longer.
And you still don't.
But you know that it is supposed to be.
So you keep liking them.
But when you look at the whole picture,
You don't even really like them.
You like the idea of them.
The whole thought of you two being together just, seemed right.
It seemed like something that would be in a movie.

I have always wanted my life to be like a movie.
I've always compared it to a movie.
Trying to make it into one.
But that was the problem.
I always was wanting it to be like a movie that has already been made.
I don't want to be a copy.
I want to be an original.
A movie that no one has seen.
And the funny part is, 
The guys in the movies aren't perfect men.
They are just perfect for the girl in the movie.
So I don't need someone who is perfect to anyone,
Except me.
And he'll come.
They always do.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It was time for a change.




Monday, August 22, 2011

School time means...

I think it's time for a

Seeing as I am not going to school this semester,
(Oh fyi, I'm not going to school this semester.)
I thought I would do a giveaway for someone who is.
Anyone who is going to school this fall, 
This is for you.

The rules are simple. 
1. Become a follower. 
2. Comment on this post and tell me where you are going to school.
3. Wait and see who wins!

This is what the lovely winner wins:
The winner will be announced this Saturday!
Good luck.
And I hope you all enjoy your first week of school.
Wherever it may be.

Sugar cookies and maids.

I finally got myself a job.
A good job too.
I get paid 8 bucks an hour to make cookies.
I don't even have to cook them.
Just mix and cut.
And I work with some saweet people.
7-5. Monday-Friday.
Cookies and cakebites.
Except no cakebites today.
Too hot.
Hopefully it gets cooler soon, 
Otherwise I'll be there at four every morning making them.
Which is fine.
I'll get paid extra for that.


"Wasn't that the point of this book? For women to realize, we are just two people. Not that much separates us."

Couldn't put it down the second I started reading it.
Definitely a must read.
If you haven't already,
Go pick it up from Walmart. 
Worth every penny.
It makes you want to change something.
It makes you want to make a difference.
You no longer want to just stand by and let life pass.

So don't.
Pick something you believe in, and stand up for it.
Fight it to the death.
Give up everything you have for it.
Only to receive more than you ever imagined when you think it's over.
Let yourself love.
Even if it means you have to let yourself get hurt.
Time and time again.
Because with each person that hurts you,
it adds a little flame to the fire inside of you.
Let that fire burn.
Trust in yourself.
Believe in yourself.
Believe that you can change the world.
Because the second you start believing in you, 
Others do too.
Don't let anybody tear you down.
People can say what they want.
There is only one person who can decide how you feel about what they say.

"Ever morning, until you dead in the ground, you gone have to make this decision. You gone have to ask yourself, "Am I gone believe what them fools say about me today?"

Friday, August 19, 2011

A tribute to them.

I don't think anyone outside of my family quite understands how incredible my parents are.
I'm sure some of you have been a victim of their generosity, their kindness, or their service.
But you have never experienced what I experience every single day.
Saying I'm blessed doesn't even begin to describe it.
They have showed me the definition of true undconditional love.
They have never ever pushed anything at me.
Or tried to make me do something that I wasn't interested in doing.
They taught me what they knew was right, and then let me decide how I wanted to live.
They had rules, of course, and I knew what those rules were.
But they never shoved them in my face. 
Sometimes the rules were broken and there were consequences.
They let me make mistakes, fall down, and learn from it all.
I've been in trouble and done stupid things.
But they never stopped loving me.
They let me know I made a mistake.
Then showed me how to fix it.
Their trust is something I treasure.
From the very beginning they put their trust in me.
They gave it all to me.
There were times when I screwed up and I lost part of that trust.
But they always made it available to redeem.
Sometimes it was hard. 
And it took a lot of work.
But it was never impossible.
Out of everything they did, 
there has always been one thing that I am incredibly grateful for.
They support me in everything.
From what I wear, to where I want to go to college. 
They let everything be my decision. 
And I'll admit, at times that was frustrating.
When there was a hard decision to be made, I just wanted them to tell me what to do.
But they never did. 
They helped me make my decisions. 
My decisions.
They were always my decisions.
I don't think they know how much that means to me.
Sure, there are moments when I wish they would of made me take certain classes.
Or put me in sports or dance when I was younger.
But it's only for a moment.
Then I realize that I love who I am today.
And there is no way I would be the same person if it weren't for the freedom they allowed me.
Ever since I was little.
It's always been my life.
And they have always been on the sidelines yelling for me.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Studies show....

If you are ever stressed out, paint your fingernails.
When your brain is going crazy thinking about a million different things, then painting your fingernails will cause your brain to focus on just that one thing. Calming you down and allowing your brain to breath. 
Then once you are finished painting, you can go back to everything you were supposed to do.
You will be relaxed and therefore able to take on everything without stressing. 
So next time you are stressed?
Take a minute and paint your fingernails.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Call me a bridesmaid. Maid of Honor to be exact.

Add the pearl accessories we are getting and ta-da. 
My bridesmaid outfit.

Monday, August 15, 2011

It's ok to change your plans.

Sometimes in life there are decisions to be made.
Decisions that your mommy and daddy can't make for you.
Because they are decisions about your life.
And you want your parents to just tell you what to do.
Even though in the back of your head, you know what choice needs to be made.
It isn't always an easy choice.
You have to pray.
A lot.
Because He is really the only person that can help you make your decision.
And in the end, it doesn't matter what other people think.
It doesn't matter what everyone else is doing.
It may mean that what you had planned for your life has to be put on hold.
And that you can't do exactly what you've been dreaming about.
But life has a funny way of  working itself out.
And as soon as you just do what feels right instead of doing what everyone else thinks is right,
You will feel like it is happening the way it's supposed to.
Just put your life in His hands.
He knows what you need.
And He wants you to get what you want.
He just knows how to do it better than you do.
Sometimes we can't see the whole picture.
We are just looking so closely at one corner of the picture.
And so nothing makes sense. 
We can't figure out what we are looking at.
But He sees the whole picture. 
That is why we need Him in our life.
He can help and guide us when life seems to be spiraling downward. 
There is nothing that happens to us that we can't grow and learn from.
I know this kind of turned into a ramble and may not make a lot of sense, 
But basically what I'm trying to say is that life doesn't always go the way you planned.
And it's okay.
Because it will work out. It really will.
We just need to let it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm starving. For real food.

I've never realized all the food you can't eat when they say no solids.
No pizza.
No sandwiches.
No hot pockets.
No mac and cheese.
Basically my diet for the next couple days consists of smoothies, ice cream, soup, and lots of medicine. 
When I'm finished with this whole "no solids" thing, 
I'm having a ten course meal.
Every day. 
Well, time to go enjoy some tomato soup. 
That's as close as it gets to real food around here.
Enjoy your teeth.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The story I didn't want to tell that I kind of really want to tell now.

Apparently not all stories end when you think they do. 
They just take a brief break.

He called me.
On Tuesday.
We are doing something on Saturday.
It's no big deal.
Only secretly, I'm really excited.

Wish me luck.
Mostly, pray that I don't look too much like a chipmunk...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not my idea.

I got this idea off of some website.
It is called a magnet makeup board.
It is quite simple. 

1. Take a magnet board. 
If it has a frame already, perfect.
If it doesn't, then find one that fits the magnet board.

2. Pick a paper you think is super cute. 
Or I suppose you could pick one you think is ugly..
Either way, pick some paper.

3. Cut the paper to fit the accordingly.

4. Hot-glue the paper onto the frame.

5. Hot-glue magnets onto the back of all of your makeup.

6. Get a jar. Hot-glue that to the board as well. 
It will be the holder for you brushes, mascara, tweezers, etc.

7. Put your magnetic makeup onto your magnetic board.

8. Feel really cool that you just made that.
Because I did.

*Depending on your board, you can either paint the frame or cover it in paper. If you are covering the magnet board in paper, don't hot glue it. It wont work with the magnets.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Remember me?

I have a good reason.

Nah, that's a lie.
I've just had nothing to post about.

Hm. That is a lie too.
I just haven't been able to put my thoughts into words lately.


But I figured it would be better to try and fail, rather than just not post at all.
Life is good.
Occasionally days are bad,
but life is good.
People my age are leaving on their missions.
Getting married.
Moving out.
We are all finally growing up.
And it just feels good.
Scary, but good.
I feel like life is finally falling in place and everything is coming together.
I know it is all going to work out.
When I get stressed about something, I remember that.
And all is good again. 
It is good to be happy.
Just take a breath, look around you, and smile.
Because life is good.

Even though I am getting my wisdom teeth out on Thursday.
And I am quite terrified.
"This soon shall pass."

But sometimes things happen that make even getting your wisdom teeth out not matter. 
And those things are good. 
Really good.

Enjoy your evening.
And your morning.
And your afternoon. 
In fact, just enjoy the rest of your life.

The sky is the limit.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Goodbye, Cameron.

How can you not fall in love with him?
Too bad he went home.
Chose to go home, actually.
And too bad he's taken.