Thursday, August 25, 2011

Late night thinking.

You realize that the thing you've been waiting around for for so long,
Isn't what you want.
And it takes awhile to come to grasps with the concept that maybe there is something better out there.
You thought out every single possible solution of how it could work out.
What you would do when it does work out.
Then you just wake up one day, and you no longer want it.
You look back and it all makes sense.
Why you wanted it when you did.
Because life would be a heck of a lot different if you hadn't wanted it for so long.
But people change.
And so do feelings.
Especially feelings about people.

Sometimes you like someone for a really long time.
And you think you are totally going to happen.
But you don't.
So you wait longer.
And you still don't.
But you know that it is supposed to be.
So you keep liking them.
But when you look at the whole picture,
You don't even really like them.
You like the idea of them.
The whole thought of you two being together just, seemed right.
It seemed like something that would be in a movie.

I have always wanted my life to be like a movie.
I've always compared it to a movie.
Trying to make it into one.
But that was the problem.
I always was wanting it to be like a movie that has already been made.
I don't want to be a copy.
I want to be an original.
A movie that no one has seen.
And the funny part is, 
The guys in the movies aren't perfect men.
They are just perfect for the girl in the movie.
So I don't need someone who is perfect to anyone,
Except me.
And he'll come.
They always do.

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laura... said...

i like this very very mucho.