Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not my idea.

I got this idea off of some website.
It is called a magnet makeup board.
It is quite simple. 

1. Take a magnet board. 
If it has a frame already, perfect.
If it doesn't, then find one that fits the magnet board.

2. Pick a paper you think is super cute. 
Or I suppose you could pick one you think is ugly..
Either way, pick some paper.

3. Cut the paper to fit the accordingly.

4. Hot-glue the paper onto the frame.

5. Hot-glue magnets onto the back of all of your makeup.

6. Get a jar. Hot-glue that to the board as well. 
It will be the holder for you brushes, mascara, tweezers, etc.

7. Put your magnetic makeup onto your magnetic board.

8. Feel really cool that you just made that.
Because I did.

*Depending on your board, you can either paint the frame or cover it in paper. If you are covering the magnet board in paper, don't hot glue it. It wont work with the magnets.


Allie said...

That is so COOL! I'll have to tell my friends about this;)

Chloe said...


CaLea said...

Super cute.
Love it.

Oh, and I miss you.