Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm starving. For real food.

I've never realized all the food you can't eat when they say no solids.
No pizza.
No sandwiches.
No hot pockets.
No mac and cheese.
Basically my diet for the next couple days consists of smoothies, ice cream, soup, and lots of medicine. 
When I'm finished with this whole "no solids" thing, 
I'm having a ten course meal.
Every day. 
Well, time to go enjoy some tomato soup. 
That's as close as it gets to real food around here.
Enjoy your teeth.


Allie said...

Oh I'm sorry! That's so not fun!

Elina said...

You'd think that eating ice cream for a couple of days would be fun - wrong! Seems like you've realized that :D Hope you'll get better soon. Oh, and by the way: I love the banner and I love the quote on the left.

Rachael Cherish said...

Hey you. Check your mailbox.