Friday, August 19, 2011

A tribute to them.

I don't think anyone outside of my family quite understands how incredible my parents are.
I'm sure some of you have been a victim of their generosity, their kindness, or their service.
But you have never experienced what I experience every single day.
Saying I'm blessed doesn't even begin to describe it.
They have showed me the definition of true undconditional love.
They have never ever pushed anything at me.
Or tried to make me do something that I wasn't interested in doing.
They taught me what they knew was right, and then let me decide how I wanted to live.
They had rules, of course, and I knew what those rules were.
But they never shoved them in my face. 
Sometimes the rules were broken and there were consequences.
They let me make mistakes, fall down, and learn from it all.
I've been in trouble and done stupid things.
But they never stopped loving me.
They let me know I made a mistake.
Then showed me how to fix it.
Their trust is something I treasure.
From the very beginning they put their trust in me.
They gave it all to me.
There were times when I screwed up and I lost part of that trust.
But they always made it available to redeem.
Sometimes it was hard. 
And it took a lot of work.
But it was never impossible.
Out of everything they did, 
there has always been one thing that I am incredibly grateful for.
They support me in everything.
From what I wear, to where I want to go to college. 
They let everything be my decision. 
And I'll admit, at times that was frustrating.
When there was a hard decision to be made, I just wanted them to tell me what to do.
But they never did. 
They helped me make my decisions. 
My decisions.
They were always my decisions.
I don't think they know how much that means to me.
Sure, there are moments when I wish they would of made me take certain classes.
Or put me in sports or dance when I was younger.
But it's only for a moment.
Then I realize that I love who I am today.
And there is no way I would be the same person if it weren't for the freedom they allowed me.
Ever since I was little.
It's always been my life.
And they have always been on the sidelines yelling for me.

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jayni & ben said...

I heart your parents. And think they are wonderful!!