Monday, August 22, 2011

School time means...

I think it's time for a

Seeing as I am not going to school this semester,
(Oh fyi, I'm not going to school this semester.)
I thought I would do a giveaway for someone who is.
Anyone who is going to school this fall, 
This is for you.

The rules are simple. 
1. Become a follower. 
2. Comment on this post and tell me where you are going to school.
3. Wait and see who wins!

This is what the lovely winner wins:
The winner will be announced this Saturday!
Good luck.
And I hope you all enjoy your first week of school.
Wherever it may be.


Justine Abram said...

I am going to this LOVELY school called American Fork High School.
I want to win.
Am I eligible?

Freckle Faced Lauren said...

I'm off to bee-why-youuu.
Second year.
All of these things are absolute college essentials.
I've been dying to read The Help.
I love that you're doing this and it's a possibility I'm obsessed with your blog. Nbd.

Choose me!! :)

cambria said...

I go to dear old AF High. huzzah.
piicckk me :D

Gretchen said...

Our favorite old high school. You know the one...

We all know that I'm your favorite and should, therefore, win.

:) said...

I'm a follower. :)
I love you, from afar that is. :)
Dear old AF High! :)

Mallory and Hannah said...

BYU is where it's at. right?
:) good luck with working and all you're doing. i think it's great that you weren't afraid to make the right decision for you.

Makenna Lee Bryant said...

I will be attending the school of the cavemen--yet another year! Go Cavemen!


p.s. I love the new layout of your blog! Totally cute!

Anonymous said...

American fork high! and I miss you :)

Jamie said...

I go to little snow college.

and i love give-aways :)

Janelle said...

I go to this WEIRD little high school that only has 2,000 students.
It's tiny.
It's called American Fork High School.
Ever heard of it?
Proud to be a caveman :)

danger ranger said...

Abram! Hooray for ur blog!
I am a big-fan.
all these items are beyond-great. :)
U know what?. Ur great!
This semenster i going too uvu, woo-woo!
Miss u, see u soon,?- (correct answer: yes!)

Severina said...

Ok this looks like a sweet giveaway so i just had to comment:) hahaha I am going to American Fork High School! :D and i am your neighbor so you whould probably give me this stuff or i could still it from your house ;) JUST KIDDING. love ya jenna:) btw love the hair