Saturday, January 28, 2012

Big News.

First of all, I got a new job.
It is at Savory and Sweet.
A crepe restaurant.
Come visit.

Second of all, I'm moving.
In approximately 30 minutes.
All my things are packed away into boxes. 
I guess I'm finally a big girl.

Friday, January 20, 2012


I wish I had love stories to share, but unfortunately..
Not much is happening.
We went out again the Monday after our first date.
And it was great.
Really great.
And he has been texting me every single day since then.
But I have yet to see him in almost two weeks.
I get it.
He has school.
And work.
And sleep.
But I'm not really in the market for someone I never see.
I know everyone is expecting us to fall into a hopeless romance, get married, and reminisce about the time I bought him that drink.
But sometimes it doesn't work out how you expected.
Who knows, maybe we will fall in love.
Or maybe I'll never see him again.
But you know what?
I'm okay with either.
I did something most girls only dream of doing.
Then I got my perfect first kiss.
Maybe that is all it was meant to be.
And if so, that just means that someone even greater is in store for me.
The love adventure of Jenna Abram has just begun.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm officially out of the club.

Here I am.
Home from my date.

We met up for dinner in Orem.
(I was too little nervous for him to pick me up. You know, in case he was weird.)
Then we ate a little, and talked some.
When we finished our dinner, we talked for another hour or so.
It was still early so he decided we go see a movie.
I made it clearly obvious that my hand was free to be held.
And waited.
He cracked his knuckles.
Flexed his hand.
Cracked again.
Flexed again.
Then said something about me twirling my necklace and grabbed my hand.
Great movie.

Then we went for a little drive.
In his mustang. 
We talked and talked some more.
He's 1/2 Native American.
Drives a motorcycle.
And has the craziest stories.
Like one about the time he tried to wrestle a alligator in Costa Rica.
Then we went to Walmart and walked around and talked some more.
Then went and drove around a little more.
Then we just pulled up to where my car was parked and talked for a few more hours..
He is hilarious.
Then he said he wanted to go star gazing.
But I told him of the minor problem that we couldn't see any stars because of the clouds.
So he drew stars on the fogged window.
I started getting tired and noticed what time it was.
We talked for just a little bit longer. 
I told him I was a little nervous he was going to be weird.
He had the same fear.
According to him, I passed that test.
And I told him (jokingly) he got about a C.
And so he asked how he could raise his grade.
I said lots of extra credit.
Then he leaned over.
And raised his grade to an A.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Twenty Seconds.

"All it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage and great things will happen.
I promise."
-We Bought a Zoo

We walked into Sparks and he was the first person I saw.
A striped long sleeve henley, and jet black hair.
He was there with one other guy friend.
They sat at a corner table and when we finally got seated, 
we were in the perfect spot across from them.
He and I made eye contact multiple times throughout the night.
We could tell they were getting ready to leave and so one of my good wingmen insisted I buy him a drink.
So we had the waitress send over a drink with a paper that said,
"Enjoy the drink! 
My phone number.
He smiled and waved when the drink was brought over.
Then they got up to leave.
He came over and introduced himself.
Then a few minutes after they left, 
I got a text message.
And after a few clever texts,
We made a date.
For tonight.

Things like that happen in movies and I never thought it would work for me.
Well for all the single ladies out there, a little bit of bravery goes a long way.
And sure, there is a chance he could end up being weird.
Or we may never speak again after tonight.
But karma has a way of working everything out.
And if you put yourself out there, something good will come eventually.
So, send a stranger a drink.
And wish me luck with my stranger.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Every new year starts the same.
Bucket lists,
diet plans, 
new journals,
promises to be better,
Hundreds and hundreds of resolutions. 
Just because some one decided that January 1st is the beginning.
But by mid March, half of us have forgotten or gotten too busy to finish our lists.
Then we just decide that there is no use trying to start part way through the year.
So we wait until the next new year.
Well I've got a resolution for everyone.
Instead of thinking so hard of things to put on our lists this year,
Why don't we just make it the best year ever?
Forget the lists.
Forget the diet plans.
Just do what will make this year rock.
Run because you want to.
Not because you "have" to lose x amount of lbs. this year.
Love when you feel it.
Not because you have to kiss someone by 12:00 on new years.
Life isn't about checks on bucket lists.
It's about doing things that other people will want to put on their bucket lists.
So put the pen and notepad down and start doing the things you want to write down.
Because the fact of the matter is,
You most likely wont finish everything on your list.
So don't even start.
If you have 100 great things to do on a list, 
and you complete one,
By the end of the year it wont seem like that great of an accomplishment.
Even if it was a really awesome one thing.
So don't worry about the other 99.
Do one thing you want to do at a time.
And if you do that, do another.
But in the end if you feel like you just have to make a list,
Do me a favor and just put this one thing on it:


Because who knows if you will even make it to the end of your new years list.