Monday, January 2, 2012


Every new year starts the same.
Bucket lists,
diet plans, 
new journals,
promises to be better,
Hundreds and hundreds of resolutions. 
Just because some one decided that January 1st is the beginning.
But by mid March, half of us have forgotten or gotten too busy to finish our lists.
Then we just decide that there is no use trying to start part way through the year.
So we wait until the next new year.
Well I've got a resolution for everyone.
Instead of thinking so hard of things to put on our lists this year,
Why don't we just make it the best year ever?
Forget the lists.
Forget the diet plans.
Just do what will make this year rock.
Run because you want to.
Not because you "have" to lose x amount of lbs. this year.
Love when you feel it.
Not because you have to kiss someone by 12:00 on new years.
Life isn't about checks on bucket lists.
It's about doing things that other people will want to put on their bucket lists.
So put the pen and notepad down and start doing the things you want to write down.
Because the fact of the matter is,
You most likely wont finish everything on your list.
So don't even start.
If you have 100 great things to do on a list, 
and you complete one,
By the end of the year it wont seem like that great of an accomplishment.
Even if it was a really awesome one thing.
So don't worry about the other 99.
Do one thing you want to do at a time.
And if you do that, do another.
But in the end if you feel like you just have to make a list,
Do me a favor and just put this one thing on it:


Because who knows if you will even make it to the end of your new years list. 

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