Monday, December 13, 2010


High school is possibly the most interesting experience.
It actually starts in Junior High.
All of the kids who thought they were the big thing.
They had it all, right?
They were popular, cool, hot, everyone wanted to be them.
Then you got to high school.
No one cares about them.
Everyone's interest goes to a new group of people.
But guess what?
The same thing happens to those people too.
We are all going to graduate school and most likely in ten years,
you aren't going to have any contact
with that group you tried so hard to impress.
We'll all move on and live our own lives.
One day your kids will be in high school.
So stop worrying so much about what everyone at school thinks of you.
Because the second we all graduate, no one is going to care who you were in high school.
Who was Obama in high school?
No one cares.
Who was your boss in high school?
No one cares.
Who were you in high school?
So be whatever the heck you want to be
and stop caring about if you fit in or not.
How boring would life be if we were all the same?
There is a reason we all like different things and think differently.
So stop trying to be like someone else.
Make someone else want to be like you.

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