Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rain, rain...

I know everyone is kind of freaking out about the summer weather.
And how it is in fact, not summer weather.
But here is the problem.
We complain when it rains.
We complain when it snows.
We complain when it is hot. 
We complain when it is windy.
I know it sucks not being able to run around in the sun and get tan.
It's no fun having a seven peaks pass and not being able to go.
Think about this though, what if someone really needs the rain?
Like what if someone right here in good old American Fork prayed and prayed that they could get a little rain.
Maybe they have crops and they need some water.
I don't know. 
(I don't even know if people still call them crops..)
But the point is, stop complaining.
There will be other summers.
And besides, what is more fun than running around in a warm rain storm?
And as a matter of fact, I LOVE this weather. 
I love grey skies, cloudy days, and rain. 
And I am sure others do too.
At the beginning of the school year people are going to ask you how your summer was.
You have a choice.
You could say, 
"It sucked. It basically rained the entire summer and I couldn't do anything fun!"
But that is a lie. 
It didn't rain the entire summer.
Sure, it's rained a lot during the month of July...but not the entire summer!
And there are plenty of things you can still do on a cloudy day.
And you know what?
It hasn't even been cold during the day. 
It rains in the evening.
So you have basically had every day to do something fun.
Don't blame the weather for any lack of fun you may be experiencing. 
Embrace it.
Enjoy it.
And have a good summer.


Jamie said...

i one hundred percent agree with you. my little brother was just complaining about the rain but it's my favorite weather. i LOVE it. thank you for this lovely post :)

Bree & Lindsey said...

I couldn't agree more. Really. Have you ever driven in the rain and rolled down all the windows? You just sit and listen and feel it.

It's beautiful.

Actually, I wrote about this too!