Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stomping the roses.

Wasting time, just going mindless
Watching your charades.
When we were younger did it occur to you
10 years from now you'd act the same age?

I can't figure out if it's me, or them.
You would think since we graduated it would be possible to actually act like a real person. 
And not like an eight year old.
Clearly, it is not.
I'm all for acting like a kid sometimes.
But that is just it.
Eventually, you need to act your age.
Because it gets annoying babysitting you.
When I would rather be hanging out with you.
And I know that it was totally fine to treat girls the way you do when you were in 2nd grade. 
But guess what.
You aren't in second grade anymore.
And neither am I.
So it would be much appreciated if you would treat me like I am 18.
Not 8.
Let's just say, 
I can't wait til you go on your mission and grow up.
Because you are a great boy.
Just not a great man.

Speaking of eight year olds though, 
My baby sister turned 8 today. 
Had her baptism and everything.
We had matching dresses.
Only, we didn't mean to.

Steel Days is OVER.
Maybe we can all get some rest now.
Well, mostly mom and dad.
Until it comes time to plan for next year..
I have a feeling that is going to come a lot faster than I am ready for.

Anywho, I was in the need of a little ramble.
Peace out chub scouts.


jodi kay said...

I was really happy because I got to spend all day with you today! And who was that guy that was standing by you acting like your uncle?

laura... said...

amen, jen jen. you're wonderful :)

Jenna said...
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