Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Old habits die hard.

Number one:
I despise pictures of myself.
Especially if I am alone in my room taking it..

Oh well.
I felt this time was maybe appropriate?

Number two:
I haven't let my natural curl loose since I had a crush on someone sophomore year. 
He told me he thought it was cute.
So I did it a few times over the couple weeks after that...
Don't worry.
No one told me it was cute.
I just felt like bringing the old me back for a night. 


E. Luse said...

you have beautifully natural hair!

Shelbie Jude said...

why are you the prettiest thing.

i would kill for your hair.

that's all.

CaLea said...

You are naturally beautiful.
We're talking absolutely stunning.
I miss you.

Jessica said...

Oh look at you. Your so pretty. I love your curly hair.

jodi kay said...

You look so pretty Jenna Renee!

morgan.jo said...

um, you're hair is adorable. Keep it that way, forever.

laura... said...

oh my goodness! it's beautiful jenna.
i'm dying.

Makenna Lee Bryant said...

I love it!! I would also kill for hair like that! Keep it that way for sure!