Sunday, July 17, 2011

My new idea...

Ok guys. 
I'm trying something.
I got this dress for prom that I completely fell in love with.
It's easily my favorite dress of all time. 
And I got a little depressed when I thought how it would be sitting in my closet for the rest of eternity. 
Unless by chance, my sisters decided that they don't want to buy a brand new dress for their proms. 
Ha. Highly unlikely.
And there is no way I can get rid of it.
I thought about that already.
But I really want someone else to enjoy it because it is beautiful.
So I got to thinking. 
And I'm starting up this new thing.
I'm not even sure how well it will work out or if it will even work out.
But no harm in trying.
It's called Not Your Sister's Closet.
It's like a rent-a-dress. And I'm just going to rent out all of my dresses! 
Because throughout high school I got some dresses that I deeply admire and can't give away.
Including my prom dress.
So. If you or anyone you know is ever in need of a homecoming dress, prom dress, ANYTHING.
Please send them right over to the website!
You can also donate dresses.
So lets say you have a dress you as well can't fully get rid of.
Donate it to me! 
You will get 10% of every rental on your dress.
And you can buy it back at any time
I am renting them for (what I think) is a pretty good price. 
So please please please share this with your friends.
I would love to see these dresses get worn multiple times.
Feel free to click HERE and browse.


Gretchen said...

you, my darling, are a genius.

i will be coming to you. fact.


Jamie said...

this is what i did for my prom dress this year and i loved it and then i didn't have to pay a billion dollars for it. i love this idea!