Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The story I didn't really want to tell.

Some stories end happily ever after.
Others end in tragedy.
And some never really "end", 
The author just decides to stop writing.
This one was just like that.
It didn't end happily.
But it didn't end sadly, either.
It just sort of...stopped.

If you aren't in the mood for a novel, 
I suggest you stop now.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. 
And what is a story without a boy?
So of course, there was a boy.
The boy just so happened to be extremely handsome.
The girl had always admired him from afar. 
On the day before school started, 
The girl's best friend asked her who she would like to date this year.
Naturally she said this handsome boy. 
Whom of course she had never actually spoken to. 
It was a dream.
The first day of school came.
Each class period brought a new hope that he just might be in her class. 
By the end of the first day she was a little discouraged. 
He was in none of her classes.
But she still had another day of new classes.
1st period: No.
2nd: Nope.
3rd: Again, no.
She went to lunch, laughing at herself for thinking he would be in one of her classes.
The bell for 4th period rang and she decided she had better scoot off to class.
She noticed him in a red t-shirt walking in the general direction of her class.
She got a little excited.
She walked into her class but didn't see him.
She sat down and wished with every fiber of her being he would walk into her class.
He didn't.
And the bell rang.
All hope was lost.
Until she looked up just in time to catch someone walk in late to class. 
Wearing a red t-shirt. 
She just about died. 
It was meant to be.
It had to be. 
So she started plotting out how she would make this happen.
Lucky for her, her best friend transferred into the class.
They plotted and planned.
Eventually she started talking to him.
He was funny. 
He made a list of things to do in a snuggie. 
They talked more and more.
And eventually were sitting next to each other every day.
She and her friend sneakily snuck him her phone number one day. 
He texted her the next day.
He asked about their homework. 
Then they started talking more and more frequently. 
Texting, saying hello in the halls, talking in class, etc.
One day she was drawing a tattoo on her friend's foot.
He asked her to draw one on his arm.
Then she said they should hang out sometime.
So they did. 
Multiple times. 
Then she consulted with her bff and finally decided it was time to move forward.
She asked him to Sadie Hawkin's. 
Everything that could possibly go wrong while asking him, did. 
It was a wreck.
But for some strange reason, 
He said yes.
So they went.
And had a ball.
They hung out again after the dance. 
And on his birthday she skipped class and they bought a fish. 
Then prom approached.
She wasn't really interested in going.
Unless he asked her. 
And against all odds,
He did.
He asked her to senior prom.
He wore a tux.
She got the most beautiful dress.
They danced on the balcony.
In the rain.
When he took her home, 
her sister was in the driveway with her date.
Which was fine.
Just slightly awkward.
Nothing happened at the doorstep.
It didn't really bother her. 
They still hung out and talked. 
They went on a picnic. 
She made chocolate chip cookies.
He made lemonade. 
Then they talked for hours.
She got him to go to the senior sluff day.
They hung out the entire time.
Lighting their hands on fire and everything. 
The end of the school year was drawing to a close.
They signed the others yearbook.
Promising to go to that arcade.
Then the day came to put on a cap and gown.
They took a few pictures together.
Then they each took their turn to receive the paper that meant they would never have to return to high school.
He didn't go to the all-night party.
She didn't ask him what he did instead.
And they never spoke again.

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jodi kay said...

I really like reading your blog, but I didn't like that ending!