Friday, November 26, 2010

Where would we be without

Who exactly was the person
that had the idea to open up
the stores at 4 am
and have everything on sale??
Because they are GENIUS.
There is nothing more exhilarating
than being in Walmart
when the horn goes off,
and all of the plastic wrap comes
off of the sale items.
when your mom and aunts
want you to get those items.
Running around the store,
jumping over boxes,
pushing through carts,
it is an adventure.

And who knew Zu-Zu pets
were the most wanted toy?
They had them behind the gun counter
handing them out like prescription drugs.
To some moms, those toys are drugs.

Walmart was probably the most insane.
We went to the mall after
thinking it was going to be
It wasn't.
There was probably twenty people
just walking around.
No lines anywhere.
Except the Disney store.
There was a HUGE line
outside of that place.
Again, parents and their drugs...

We decided to ditch the mall
after about 15 minutes
and headed over to TOYS R US
because there were tons of cars outside
and we like the crowded places.
It wasn't too bad.
Just a few nutty people.
Us included.
But we do it to get a rush.
Others, they do it as if their life depends on it.

It didn't open until four
so we went home and chilled
for a bit before heading over there.
We couldn't miss this rush.
People were lined up from the door
all the way down the street,
past Old Navy, and around the building.
We got there at about 3:50
and waited by the door
because there was no way in heck
we were walking all the way
to the end of that line.
When the doors opened,
people ran.
Literally ran.
By the time that the line got
to the end and we got inside,
people with the TVs were already
on their way out.
Our moms met us back in Target
after we got the so desired items.
Then Katie and I got to wait in line.
After we were lying down
in the underwear section.
It was the only place with no people.
Go figure.
Then after waiting in line til about 5:45,
they let us go home.
They stayed there in the line
for who knows how long.
The line stretched throughout the
ENTIRE store.

Nothing is worth waiting outside
in the freezing cold for hours.

Oh the joys of Black Friday.


Jes Abram said...

Why did you leave out the best part? Thief...

Addy* Sue said...

Dear Jenna:
I think you are nice and have cute clothes.
I hear funny stories about you a lot.
Can we be friends?
Love, Addy.