Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My future husband. 
He could be anywhere right now.
Doing anything.
He could have just gotten dumped.
Or dumped someone.
Living in another country.
I could know him.
Or not.
He could be sitting there just thinking about me, his future wife.
Thinking about all the qualities he wants in his wife.
And I am just sitting here.
Being that.
You know, his future wife.
I just think about that when things go wrong.
I think about how one day, someone is going to love me more than anything else.
And all the bad and good things that happen now will lead me to him.
If you think someone is great but they break your heart,
it just means someone better is out there.
Waiting for the exact right moment to walk into your life and change it forever.

So when life totally sucks, 
just think about the future.
Because it always gets better.

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