Thursday, February 24, 2011

I want this back.
I need this back.
I will take it even with the third degree burn all over my body.
And the only place in the entire ocean with absolutely no sand crabs.
And going out ever single night to see the grunion run.
Only to be told it was happening the next night. 
And the next. 
And the next.
 Greatest time of my life was spent on this very beach.
Come quickly.


Jobi Niu said...

I'm not gonna lie... living 5 minutes from the beach is pretty amazing!!
How beautiful are you? Um... model in the pic on the top of your blog... who took that picture? You're SMOKIN hot girl.. :) love ya!

jolene renee said...

the sun poisoning.
finding sand in every possible place.
3 people to a bedroom.
and watching ratatouille every night.
i would do anything for that.

Justine Abram said...

500 miles.
bohemian rhapsody.
the sunsets.
HOTT beach boys.
taste of the salt.
the smell.
long walks along the shore line.
collecting shells.
take me back there. please. soon.

Jes Abram said...

Thanks Jobi, I took that picture. It's one of her senior pictures that we did a while back.

P.S. I get to go there in august AND september ;)