Monday, February 28, 2011

There is absolutely nothing better than receiving a letter.
If any of you want to do something really great in your life,
Find a pen pal.
It can be someone who lives on your street,
Someone who lives in another country,
or just someone who came with you to graduation last year and you have kind of always really liked so you decided to write them a letter.
And if you are lucky, you’ll find someone who enjoys writing and receiving letters as much as you do.
It is completely old fashioned and sometimes takes months to receive one letter, but it is 1000000 times better than any text message or facebook notification.
My pen pal is superb. Really.
She takes a while to write back sometimes, but every single one of her letters has come at the perfect time.
This one especially.
She brought it over today and just like the last letter she brought a book a long with it.
We ask each other questions back and forth and basically tell each other all of our life goals and dreams.
We are probably going to be pen pals for life. No big deal.
But I really just wanted to share this advice she gave me.
If you are ever having a bad week and/or day, revert back to this advice.

1.      Set out a warm towel, clean pajamas, and escape into the bathtub. Don’t forget a good book.
2.      Red Mango. It’s small, red, and has a warm fireplace with classy red couches surrounding it. Get the plain yogurt with the white yogurt chips.
3.      Exercise. Go on itunes, splurge a little. Buy all your favorite songs, stick the earphones in, and run. It will lift your spirits.
4.      CRASH. Take one weekend and crash. Isolate yourself in your room, stay in your pajamas. Refuse to get ready. Read a couple of romantic novels, eat your weight in chocolate ice cream. Watch The Notebook, Titanic, Ever After, etc. Then when Monday morning rolls around, put a smile on your face, take a shower, and greet the day.

Thanks pen pal.

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morgan said...

Your blog is so inspiring, and honestly lifts my spirits. I feel as though you have written it for me, because each time you write something, it applies to what I need then. Thank you!
You're an incredible girl.

Morgan Nelson