Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It is way too late to be blogging...

“Do you believe in love at first sight?”

That was a question we were asked 
in English a couple of days ago.
Three hands went in the air saying they believed in it.
I was one of them.
Because it does happen.
Not to everyone and not very often.
But it happens.
The thing that makes people disagree with it right away is that most believe you have to care about someone to love them and how do you care about them if you don’t even know them?
Well, love has different “levels” if you may.
There are so many different ways to love someone.
Obviously you do not love your grandmother the same way you love your husband.
There is a difference between
Falling in love with someone, and
Being in love with someone.
You cannot be in love with someone you first lay eyes upon.
But you can easily fall in love with them.
Which is one level of love.
It does not have all the passion and intensity of being in love with someone but it does count as love.
So yes.
For all those who even care about this pathetic post,
I do believe in love at first sight.


ladieslovethebanana said...
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laura... said...

this is so great! i was just thinking about this today, whether i believed in it or not. so true. i like this. i like you.