Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Seventh Day.

“Your Best Friend [s]”

I’m not quite sure if there are even words to describe my best friends, but here goes nothing…

Well one is of the male specimen. I’ve known him since 7th grade where we met in creative writing. It all started because we sat next to this Mexican who told me I looked like a Chinese immigrant, therefore bestowing the name, Chingchong, upon me.
I didn’t feel it was fair that I was the only one with a nickname so the Mexican and I gave the other boy one as well. Alfred. So Chingchong and Alfred became friends and for some strange reason the names stuck. All the way until now. We weren’t the best of friends back then, it has been a growing friendship. But sophomore year he helped me decide to run for Junior Council and then again for SBO. I tell him everything. Even the meaningless things that happen in my life. Like when I take out my contacts at night. It is kind of a big deal. (But not really to anyone else). Sometimes, he drives me up the wall. He makes me want to scream and punch him. But that feeling lasts about 8.7 seconds and then we’re back to best friends. He basically knows everything about me.
For Christmas he asked me what I wanted. I told him the simple answer. A boyfriend. So on Christmas Eve he drives to my house with my “boyfriend”. AKA a card with an extremely overweight man wearing a speedo on the front. How lovely.
He taught me how to drive stick and shared my very first burger experience at Five Guys and Fries. There have definitely been a lot of arguing in our friendship but we usually just work it out. Sometimes he is not all the way there…but there aren’t very many people who don’t worship him.
He understands me better than most people I know and I can talk to him about pretty much everything.
He’s not very good at MarioKart (Nintendo 64).
I’ve never met someone more obsessed with Taylor Swift than him.
He is not the best rememberer. Unless it is written on his hand or his planner.
He can sleep ANYWHERE.
He knows every word to Aaron Carter songs.
His coolest clothes are the ones I helped him pick out from D.I.
He has thicker hair than any boy I have ever met.
He is constantly making some sort of noise out of his mouth. Talking. Singing. Humming. And who knows what else.
Sometimes he is the laziest person. But somehow, he always follows through with things. Even if it takes him almost an entire year to keep a promise…he keeps it.
And through all of the confetti filled cars, jokes, math assignments, and online classes, he is the very best guy friend I have ever had.

Now. If you haven’t already… You might want to get comfortable.

I never in a million years would imagine myself apartment shopping with this girl. Planning on moving out together. Hanging out every day.
I wouldn’t of even imagined all of this just one year ago. Which is weird. Because I feel like we’ve been friends forever. This next line could be interpreted in an extremely cheesy way…but oh well. She is my movie best friend. In a sense that it feels like we are living a movie sometimes because our friendship is just that great. We are so ridiculously different, yet we agree on so many things.
We were on junior council together and we had been “friends” in choir but then all of a sudden at the end of last year, we just clicked. We hung out all summer long and now we are inseparable. I don’t know what I would do without her. She has helped me and taught me so much. We can party all out or sit and have the most spiritual experience. She knows me inside and out. We can communicate without saying any words. I can talk to her about any and everything. I trust her with my life. She understands me even when I don’t. I’m not going to say we never bug each other because that would be a lie. But the great part about it all is that even when we do bug each other, we can be completely honest and just tell the other person we are bugged. I have had so many memorable experiences with her in the short time that we’ve been friends.
She lets me fall asleep in her house in the middle of the day.
We can both just sit and do homework and not be bothered by the silence at all.
She basically drives me around town.
We’ve been in the same dance group for every single dance this entire year.
We dressed up as each other for Halloween.
I hate talking on the phone.
But ever since we became friends, I can have twenty minute phone conversations with her no problem.
She knows how to deal with my siblings better than I do.
I couldn’t ask for a better best friend.


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jodi kay said...

aww...Jenna! I love your best friends. But they better not be snotty to me when I come over to your house. Do they know I'm your favorite?