Saturday, March 12, 2011

(I wasn't home yesterday to do a post, so I'll do day 3 and 4 today)

[Day Three: Your Parents]


Jeffery Harry and Jean Renee Abram.

For all of those who know my parents, you know how absolutely incredible they are. 
For all those who don't, I'm sorry.
You are missing out.
They are easily two of the greatest people on this entire earth.
And they love eachother.
They always have and they always will.
I know for a fact their love is pure and true and will last eternity.
They are the best parents.
I am friends with both of them.
I tell them basically everything that goes on in my life.
But I am also their daughter. 
There are rules.
Sometimes those rules are broken.
Then there are punishments.
But the other thing I know, is that they love me. 
I have never doubted that.
I know that there are kids out there who have terrible parents.
That is just how this world works.
But I am so grateful for the parents I have. 
I would never trade them for anything.
Sometimes I get angry at them, 
sometimes they get angry at me.
We all mess up.
But I know they would never do anything to hurt me. 
They always have my best interest in mind,
even if I don't agree with it.
I love them so much and I hope they know that.
Thanks mom and dad. For everything.


Jobi Niu said...

Seriously, your parent's ROCK MY WORLD!!

Jobi Niu said...

Ps- those pictures are freakin awesome!!! Hahahahaha LOVE EM.

Jeff said...

Wow! I am not one to cry easily and that brought tears to my eyes. It is always assumed that your kids love you, but when you have to discipline your kids to help them then you wonder if what you do is right...i guess we are alright. Jenna L freakin love your face (did that sound cool)