Thursday, March 10, 2011

d.a.y. 2.

Day one: introduce yourself with pictures and words.
Day two: your first love.
Sure get straight to the personal stuff..
But I said I'd do it. 
So, my first love...

I've had lots of crushes all throughout my life (who hasn't?) But I have never really fallen in love. There was one time where I definitely thought I was in love. So we'll count that.
It was eighth grade. 
I was in Mrs. Sandberg's advisory class.
And so was the new boy. 
I thought he was cute.
And tall.
It all started out by playing quarters, me and three other boys.
(The new kid being one of them).
I made the quarter stop spinning so it was my turn to get hit.
And his turn to hit me.
First he barely hit me, so I told him to do it his hardest. I could take it.
So he flung his finger back and let that quarter fly.
It hit me. Hard.
Once the quarter had contact with my knuckle, a flab of skin flew off and my hand started bleeding uncontrollably. 
He felt really bad.
I "fell in love."
It was then that I decided I for sure liked this kid. 
We went through half of eighth grade with me still liking him.
Then a little bit after the new semester, I found out he liked me too.
I never actually told him that I liked him, and neither did he.
We did most of that stuff through our friends.
It was junior high, what did you expect?
Then ninth grade came along. 
That is when it really started picking up.
I hung out with him a lot.
Then the greatest thing of my life started.
Basketball season.
I (along with Jamie Szabo) went to every. single. basketball. game.
And not just the home games. We went to every away game too.
We kept track on our hands of how many points our boys made. 
The coaches knew us, and the whole team made fun of us.
But we secretly loved every minute of it.
We were never officially "going out". Because both of our dad's were bishops and we weren't "allowed to date." So we were just friends. That did everything together. And liked eachother. 
We did hug. On occassion. Like after games and the one time in the hall when Brooke Bond said,
"Hey if you like her, why don't you hug her??"
That was our first hug.
Romantic, eh?
He never held my hand. 
We ate lunch together every day.
Him, me, Lakyn Lux and Brittney Griffith.
And we hung out on most weekends. 
He didn't have a phone so we couldn't text unless he used Michael's or his mother's. 
So that left us to talking on the phone. A lot. 
And of course seeing each other at school every day. 
He loved the Utes.
I liked BYU. Until I met him. 
Then I loved BYU. 
People used to make fun of us because he was so tall. 
I remember the first time I danced with him.
It was the 9th grade BBQ at the beginning of the year.
My arm hurt so bad by the end of the song from holding it so high to reach his shoulder.
But I thought I was in love.
This little romance lasted the second half of eighth grade and all of ninth grade. 
It was great.
He was my best friend.
Then we were at a stake dance a week before Sophomore year started.
And I decided I didn't want to go into high school with anyone thinking I had a "boyfriend".
So I danced with him.
Our last dance.
And I told him.
We aren't really friends anymore.
But sometimes when he would make baskets at the games this year,
I would say "Hey we used to like eachother" just for fun.

He's the only valentine I've ever had.

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Jessica said...

yes jenna. I love this. I remember this!!! like it was yesterday!!!! I love this