Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The eleventh day.


For everyone who doesn't already know, I am one of seven. I have six siblings. Five sisters and one brother.  We all have names that begin with a "J" and all of the girls have the same middle name. My siblings are my best friends and I would be nowhere without them. They make me laugh and cry and scream but I wouldn't have it any other way. If you happen to be friends with one, or even just acquaintances, you are extremely blessed. And if you aren't..You should probably change that as soon as possible. They'll change your lives forever.

[Sibling number one]
The Oldest. The Prized Child.The Classy One.
Jessica Renee Abram.
 Born December 21, 1990 
making her almost exactly two years older than me. 
She's been my best friend for the past 18 years. 
She's always been there for me.
We laugh and cry and joke and tease and play and talk.
When we were little we would play at my grandma's house (she probably doesn't even remember this) and one time we were out back playing and I fell and hurt my knee. Everyone looked at me but just kept playing. Jes came over and helped me up then took me inside and sat inside with me until I got a band aid and everything. I can always count on her to be there for me no matter what. Sometimes we fight and argue but this is how it goes: we walk outside arguing, grab something out of the car, and by the time we are walking back in the door we are laughing. She is one person I have a really hard time staying mad at. And although she probably won't admit it...I know she has a hard time staying mad at me too :). We had some good times going to school together. And working together. The only jobs I have ever had have been working with her. I love it. I've known her for my entire life. And no matter how much she hates it, she always lets me lay on her when we are in the car. She always listens to my forever long pointless stories even when I cut her off from telling hers. No one looks better in red lipstick than her. She's the best older sister anyone could ever ask for.

P.S. For all of you who don't already know...Jes is ENGAGED!!!

[Sibling number two]
The Dramatic One. The Girly One. The Pretty One.
Justine Renee Abram.
Born June 8, 1994.
She is a year and a half younger than me. 
 One grade younger than me.
And almost the exact opposite of me.
But I love her for it.
We definitely argue. Sometimes a lot. But I know without a doubt that if I ever needed her she'd be there in a second no matter what. My favorite thing about her is that whenever I come home ticked off and bugged at people she defends me and tells me I'm right even if we both know I'm wrong. She gets so excited over every little thing that ever happens in my life. She makes me feel like I am the most important girl in the whole wide world when I talk to her. I think she is the best listener I've ever met. And she gives ridiculously good advice. Even to my friends. If I'm talking to one of my friends and she is with us, she always gives better advice and says the right things. It's incredible. She also has one of the best spirits. She knows how to see good in people and see the little gifts God gives us everyday. She can be a bit of a drama queen....but I wouldn't change anything about her. She makes everything more exciting. She also loves to exaggerate. About everything. And I'm not exaggerating. She has really good handwriting. The best actually. If I could have one person's handwriting it would be hers. She looks beautiful in sweats and a sweatshirt. That is one thing I have always been jealous of. Her hair is perfect. Especially when she braids it. It is my favorite to braid. She is a mother at heart. She gets along best with other moms. I don't know how she knows what to say, but she makes them love her. And kids? She is incredible with them. All the primary kids love her. She is especially good with our little down syndrome cousin Israel. He loves her and she is so good with him. One day I hope to be as good with children when I'm a mom as she is right now. She will definitely be doing a lot of babysitting for me.

[Sibling number three]
The Smart One. The Natural Beauty.The Book Worm. The Writer.
Janelle Renee Abram.
Born September 13, 1995.
Which of course means that this September she will be turning the grand age of 16. And trust me, she lets us know everyday. Janelle is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Especially when she writes. She gets A+ on her writing assignments. (Did you know A+ were possible? Nope neither did I until she brought her papers home.) She once wrote a story about a hero, our grandpa. It was incredible. Really. She just knows how to put words together and make them sound so good. She writes novels FOR FUN. And they are good. She gets basically straight A's. She will go so far in life. But not only because of her educational knowledge. She also has the biggest hearts. She cares for everyone, and it is a genuine care. She is so very sensitive to what others feel and need. If I ever had a problem I could count on her to help me through it. Even if she couldn't really do anything to help, she would just talk to me or let me talk and that would help. She doesn't have a problem doing things by herself. She is good at puzzles and solitare and things like that. But she can also be the life of the party. And she is so funny. So so so funny. She makes me laugh all the time. She also does everything for me. If I ever  ask for a glass of water, or my phone off my bed, or anything, she'll go get it. She'll jokingly give me a hard time at first but she always ends up getting it for me. :) She is just good at making people happy.

[Sibling number four]
The Hot One. The Funny One. The Cool One.
Jolene Renee Abram.
Born August 22, 1996.
Jolene. Jolene. Jolene. She makes me laugh. Hard. We definitely always have a good time. She is a lot like me and so we get along really well, but when we argue it can get bad because we are both smart mouths and sarcastic. We love to wrestle. When we get going, it is hard to stop us. It is so much fun though. Whenever I want to do some kind of goal or challenge, I can always count on her to do it with me. Like when we tried to see who could wear the most bracelets and get the best tan last summer. I love sitting next to her in church. We have basically the same sense of style and likings. Yet sometimes she is the exact same person as Justine. It's hilarious. She can be such a drama queen but so laid back other times. She find the little joys in life and shares them with everyone. She knows how to get things done and doesn't let other people stand in the way of her dreams. She is fourteen going on eighteen. She helps me be a better person but makes me have fun at the same time. I love hanging out with her. We are usually on the same page and when no one else really understands me I can always count on her to know exactly what I mean.

[Sibling number five.]
The Boy. The Favorite. The Zoologist. The Weird One.
Jeffery Benjamin Abram.
Born October 28, 1999.
He is our boy. The only brother. Jeffery and I have a weird relationship. We just get along. He makes me laugh harder than anyone and I love talking to him. He knows absolutely any and everything about animals. He knows about their habitats, what they eat, how they breed, and he has seen almost every animal give birth. He is always glued to some show on Animal Planet. It is hilarious. He will play Zoo Tycoon on the computer and build his own little zoo and then he breeds animals together that he has learned about and make the weirdest animals...He can be a little odd sometimes but ya gotta love him. He is also the most creative person I know. He builds everything out of nothing. Like one time he was bored so he made this entire tiny model of a farm. Complete with tiny sheep and people. It was so sweet. He is so hilarious too. He can get pretty annoying sometimes, being a little brother and all, but even then it is hard not to laugh at the things he says. One time everyone was gone besides me, him and Joanie. And we were just watching t.v. and we were bored so I went and got all these bandanas and ribbons and he let me tie him to a kitchen chair and but bandanas over his mouth and eyes and just leave him there. It was the funniest thing. And at school, all of the girls love him. He is definitely a lady's man. He is very stickler about how he looks. He goes to church every week with a suit and ironed shirt. And he can't leave the house with out his hair looking good. For being the only boy, he's not turning out too bad.

[Sibling number six]
The Last Child. The Golden Child. The Baby. The Cute One. The Mini-Jean.
Joanie Renee Abram.
Born July 9, 2003.
Joanie is definitely an interesting child. Sometimes she is the most loud and obnoxious little kid, and other times she can barely utter a word. Just depends on who she is around. Although she can get pretty annoying, I must say she is a darn cute little girl. She loves coloring and playing dress up and all of those other things little girls love to do. One thing she really loves is her baby dolls. Once I dropped it on accident and she almost had a heart attack. She for surely thought the baby doll was dead. She also thinks she will be turning eighteen this year instead of eight. She likes to wear my clothes...even though they don't fit. She loves wearing my shirts (they fit like dresses) and everyday she reminds me that when she gets her ears pierced she will gladly accept all of my earrings. How kind of her. She loves doing things that us older kids do. Especially Jeffery. She follows his exact footsteps sometimes. She loves playing outside with him and is always willing to do a photo shoot with Jolene, Justine, or Jes. She loves singing and dancing around the house as long as no one is watching. The second she realizes someone is she gets all embarrassed and stops. She is definitely spoiled seeing as she is the youngest, but I can usually get her to listen to me and do what I tell her. She got surgery on her head when she was a baby and sometimes we wonder if that messed with her brain...she can be a bit out there sometimes. But I wouldn't have her any other way.

I love my siblings so much. We aren't a perfect family. We fight and argue and don't get along. But I wouldn't trade them for anything. Some of my very favorite memories of my life are the times when we are just driving in the car laughing and joking. We have had some great times. We have sleepovers all the time and even though we are all starting to grow up and move on, I know we'll always be close. Because we all need each other. Especially me. I don't know what I'd do without them. They're the best anyone could ask for.


Jobi Niu said...

Awww, what a sweet post!! Your family is freakin bomb!!! Loved reading about each sibling.:) love, love the Abram fam bam!!

jodi kay said...

I loved reading this! I didn't like crying while I was reading it though. Your family is amazing!!!