Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I made it.

Well. I made it. Day two of "the new me". 
It was equally if not more hard.
LP student council brought us this massive cake 
(to butter us up because they knew they were hated after Satruday's game)
And. I didn't take a piece.
Hold the applause.
Yeah, I went to the gym today.
It is the start of a beautiful new life. 
Let me tell you, it all makes me feel good.
Like really really good.
Just thinking about the things I have decided to change gets me all excited inside.
And tomorrow I'm taking in my application for a....JOB.
I know. Me? Work? Yeah. It's going to happen.
Over the weekend I just came to some personal conclusions.
Number one: It doesn't matter how much I wish for a healthy/fit body, it is never going to happen unless I actually get out there and do something about it. So I am.
Number two: I can be happy all on my own. I don't need anyone to make me happy. They just add to my happiness. A boy especially. I don't need a guy to make me happy. Once I'm happy all on my own, I'll find a guy who is happy all on his own and together we'll just be (guess the word) HAPPY. And it'll be really great. 
Number three: It feels so good to go to bed knowing that my homework is all done. 
Tomorrow is Wednesday. If I can make it all the way through Wednesday, I've got this in the bag. Easy smeasy lemon squeezy. 
Oh. One last fun little fact.
I, Jenna Renee Abram, can now drive stick shift. 
Aka. I can drive the truck.
One of my best friends taught me yesterday.
(Out of all the sunny days we've had, he picks the one day it's a blizzard...)
Now..I'm not a perfect driver yet.
But I'm getting there.
And I'll keep practicing. 
Who knows, maybe all of fellow high schoolers will see this beauty of an automobile in the school parking lot. 
Cross your fingers.


jill said...

Jenna, you are so adorable. I love your guts!

Ashley said...

youre a gem...this is inspiring! Id like to think that is not the "new you" but the you you've always been...just without excuses this time :) good luck girrrl!