Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well, it is day 20. So I guess I should get on that...
Interesting how this happened to fall on the last day of the month.
Didn't even plan that.
This month has gone by kind of really fast.
It started out fantastic.
Day one of March was no school for seniors.
(Juniors took the ACT and sophomores took some other test.)
It was also national pancake day so obviously I went to IHOP.
Except for some reason we didn't even get the free pancakes...
The crepe was waay better anyway. 
Then that week was the Boys State basketball games,
followed by Morp that weekend.
The next week was the talent show.
Weekend consisted of youth conference.
Which ended up being a billion times more fun than I thought.
Then another no school day on the following Monday. 
The next day was our information meeting for the potential student council candidates.
How weird.
It came way fast. 
I feel like I was just at that meeting last year..
Then I got asked to prom.
No big deal.
Oh wait, it kind of was.
The next week was applications til 8 after school, soccer games, chill, then the weekend.
Great weekend.
It consisted of arcade games, 1383 tickets, lots of fun little toys bought with those tickets, Chinese food, pretty flowers, my favorite dress I've ever owned, tuxes, pictures, music, rain, and Romona & Beezus. 
Then all of a sudden, the last week of March came and went. 
I donated blood, did homework, and spent some time just relaxing.
I spent the final day of this month long boarding down Provo Canyon.
In case you are wondering, yeah. It was perfect weather. 
It felt so nice.
So we went down twice. 
Then I got to the talent show just in time for my little sister's dance.
Freaken. Hot.
Wish I was as cool as she is when I was in junior high. 
Now it is 9:30 and I'm starting April off with a good night's rest. 
So sleep tight, and don't forget to brush your teeth.

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