Monday, March 14, 2011

Dae sicks.

"Your Day"

For starters, it was a snow day [?]. I don't really know. All I know is we didn't have school. Which is good enough for me. 
I stayed in bed until I woke up.
Not until I got woken up. 
Which is my favorite thing. 
Then I lied in bed thinking about the fabulous dream I had just woken up from. 
I eventually got up out of bed.
Made my bed. 
Then started my laundry.
Had breakfast.
Did some more laundry.
Blog stalked a little bit.
Had lunch (french bread with balsamic vinegar. Divine. And one of mom's famous chocolate chip cookies.)
Did another load. 
Then got dressed for the day.
Went over to see Kels' dress.
Be. a. utiful.
Then we went apartment shopping.
Which first of all is so weird.
The whole idea of moving out freaks me out and excites me all at the same time. 
I had done a little bit of research before we left.
Just a tip for anyone who is going to be looking there,plan an entire day for it. Because a few hours won't cut it. Everywhere you look there is another apartment. 
[Another tip: Ask someone who is currently living in an apartment for the info on some of the apartments. The people who work at them will only give you the good reviews, not the bad but true ones.]
We did find a few we were interested in, but we will for sure have to do a little more research. 
If any of you know of any good ones..maybe hit me up with some info?
It'd be much appreciated. 
After our little tour through Provo housing, we decided to call it a day and I came home to hamburgers. Yum.
Of course, it is Monday. Which could only mean one thing.
Pretty Little Liars.
And because of that beautiful snow storm last week causing our DVR to not record last week's episode, we had the joy of watching two episodes tonight. 
After we finished we did the usual.
Freaked ourselves out as we ran downstairs obviously thinking that everything that just happened in the show would happen to us. Only tonight, Jolene decided to run into the bottom of the banister with her toe. Then track blood from my bedroom all the way up to my parent's room. Lovely. 
But all in all, great day of no school.

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