Monday, September 12, 2011

Don't cry over spilled milk.

"I love kissing your dad. It still gives me chills."

Sometimes, all you really need in life is a good old fashioned heart to heart with your mom.
Even though you may think otherwise, she actually can imagine how you feel.
And surprisingly enough,
She was your age at one time. 
She had to overcome all of the same ages you do to get where she is now.
And she had problems too.
But once you find someone who is just right for you, 
Those problems don't even matter.
You won't even remember why they mattered so much back then.
No matter where you are
High school, college, or just living,
The problems that you are going through right now will end.
And you will move on.
Life has a lot to offer. 
So don't waste all of your time crying over spilled milk. 
Wipe it up, and move on.
There will be plenty more glasses to drink and spill.


jolene renee said...

Really, I sit here after you all have left for your various daily routines and think "what am I teaching these girls. I need to be better." Then I read all your blogs and realize I am teaching you about life so that is a great thing. I love you and your way with words! (ps this is mom on jolene's account)

Maribel said...

AWH! I love what you wrote! You are reallyyy good at it! :)