Wednesday, December 7, 2011


For the past two weeks we've been really busy at work.
So everyone has called in friends and family to come and help.
On a normal day, there are seven girls working and one boy.
It's a bakery, what do you expect?
Well for this past little while, we've been split into two shifts and now when I work it is two girls and five boys.
And I realized something,
I completely forgot how to communicate with boys.
I mean, I can still talk to them and all but..
The other girl? 
She's already been asked out.
Three times.
But it's completely unfair.
She goes to school and has plenty of chances to talk to boys.
For the past four months I've spent every day working with a boy who instead of swearing under his breath, says every other word under his breath and his swear words loud enough for everyone to hear.
So I'm clearly out of practice.
And it kind of made me realize, 
I miss dating.
I haven't been on a real date since prom.
(Because no, I am not counting hot tub boy who spoke 1 sentence to me the entire time we were on our "date." And I paid for myself. So really, it doesn't count at all.)
And we all know how well that ended.
I know most of you readers already know this, 
but  those of you who don't..
Prepare to be blown away by ultimate patheticness.

I've still never kissed a boy.

I turn 19 in one week.
And I'm still reppin the virgin lips.
Pray for me.


Mallory and Hannah said...
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Mallory and Hannah said...

I am in love with you.
You're brilliant.
Love, Mal

Jessica said...

I really like you Jenna. You always make me laugh/smile/understand at what your feeling. We all feel it. .

Jes Abram said...

Haha it must be in the family....