Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's a good thing I didn't name her yet.

Today my friend and I were running errands. 
We were on our way over to the bank which was just a right turn away, but he turned left instead.
Silly boy.
He said he wanted to go down Mainstreet.
Ok, whatever. That's fine. 
So we drive down Mainstreet and I see my oh so familiar car pulled off to the side of the road.
I tell him to pull over because I'm wondering what the heck my sister is up to. 
So we pull over and I see her sitting on the sidewalk. 
I get out and she runs up to me. 
I look at the car. 

She was driving and a car two cars in front of her stopped suddenly.
The car behind it, 
Which now looks like this:

Had to slam on its brakes, 
Which led Justine to have to slam on her brakes.
She didn't see the car stop fast enough and ended up slamming into the Student Driver in front of her. 
Which moved that car into the Prius. 
(The Prius only ended up with a tiny little dent in his bumper. Not even picture worthy.)
We were the "first ones on scene" and got there even before my parents.
All of a sudden we were surrounded by Firemen, Policemen, and the Ambulance. 
It was a pretty nasty wreck. 
Luckily Justine is only burned a little from the impact of the airbag and her wrist hurts a little.
Also luckily, she cleaned out the car like an hour before she got in the wreck.
We had a lot of junk in that car which would of been a pain to clean out for the tow truck.
Once again luckily, I'm glad Steve had the at the time not so bright but ended up being pretty bright idea of driving down Mainstreet. 
Interesting day to say the least. 
So. The un-named car that has been with us the past year is now deceased.
They say it is hard to say goodbye to something once you name it.
I guess it is a good thing I never got around to naming it.

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