Monday, June 13, 2011

My train of thoughts...

Everyone has a dream man/woman. 
A person you spend your entire life building up.
You make checklists, qualities they must have, etc.
In our minds, they are perfect.
We compare everyone we meet to this imaginary perfect man. 
No one knowing for sure if he actually exists.
People keep falling in love with you, only they are not the people you want.
You can't figure out why the ones you fall for don't feel the same way.

Well guess what.
I've had a breakthrough.

In church yesterday the speaker said something that kind of hit me. 
It was something along the lines of,
"Stop thinking about the guy/girl of your dreams and start acting like the one from someone else's dreams. Then your dream person will come to you."
Who knew?
Probably the rest of the world
But I never really thought about it like that.
Once you start acting like a "dream girl", then your dream guy will come to you.
Crazy theory, huh?
So sitting around dreaming about your future husband won't do you any good unless you are working on being a dream wife. 
What makes you think you deserve  the best of someone else if you aren't your best self?

You may constantly be wondering why you are the one who is always having to chase, instead of being chased.
All you need to do is become chase-worthy.
Stop being a pessimist and just think postively.
Positivity attracts positivity.
AKA, once you start working on yourself to be the best and become truly happy with yourself, others will flock. 
You won't even have to try.
 It won't be easy at first.
Because when you aren't chasing someone it seems like there is no one.
Trust me, I know the feeling well.
But stop being a desperate, pathetic woman.
Just live your life.
And if you are living good, it'll happen when it happens.
Patience, patience, patience.
Something I as well need to work on.
But everything will work out in the end. 

2 comments: said...

I kind of really look up to you.

a lot.

morgan jo.

laura... said...

you're brilliant.