Friday, June 17, 2011

My carpet is soaking.

Sometimes your basement floods and you have to move out of your bedroom a lot faster than you planned.
But luckily the night before you decided to deep clean your room. 

It's kind of weird though. 
Seeing my room completely empty.
I spent hours putting pictures on the wall,
cutting out magazine letters for the door, 
pictures from magazines for the closet,
and just making it MY room. 
Then in less than half an hour, 
it looks like I was never even there.
I spent the majority of my time in there.
So it is kind of hard to grasp that I'm done with it being my room...
Well, now I just need to find a job so I can move out.

1 comment:

jodi kay said...

Jenna that kind of makes me a little sad!