Thursday, June 23, 2011

Patience is a virtue?

Do you ever get sick of just waiting?
Waiting for nothing.
At least that is what it seems like.
You wake up everyday with expectations. 
And almost none of them are met.
Mostly because you don't even know what the expectations are.
You just feel like something needs to happen.
But it never does.
Eventually, the waiting gets old.
And part of you wants to give up.
Even though you don't know what you are giving up on.

But maybe the waiting is worth it.
And maybe, the thing you wanted to give up on, 
will be great.
Sometimes you just have to go with it.
Even if it seems like all you are ever doing is "going with it".
When everything seems to be going bad,
Something good is just around the corner.
If the good thing came when you were right in the middle of your hardest trials, you wouldn't even notice it. 
That is why things need to calm down a bit before you get something good.
So just wait it out. 
You'll be surprised with how great things get when you keep strong and carry on.
Patience is a virtue.

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