Monday, May 16, 2011

Kristen Robbins.

My sister [Jessica] and I took senior pictures for a girl in our ward on Saturday.
And may I say,
Simply, naturally, beautiful.
Just take a look at a few....

How darling is she?
I know. Gorgeous.
And p.s. if anyone wants their senior pictures/any pictures really done, 
Call this number: 8016238208
She's super cheap. And pretty flexible. 

Dear Kimberly Pellegrini. 
You made my day.
Actually, more like my life.
I love you dearly. 
And when I say I hate you,
It's only because I am extremely jealous of you.

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steph said...

kim pelligrini has grandparents that live in cedar city, and happen to be my husband's family's really good friends, and i've been in their house. what a small world, right?