Monday, May 23, 2011


So today on my way over to seminary, 
Brittney and I came across the cutest little dog.
I was petting him and playing with him, then I checked his collar and he had no tags.
So obviously that meant he was up for grabs.
So we left him outside for a moment, 
Ran into Brother Gunderson's class,
And asked for some string. 
Then I ran back outside only to find our cute little puppy waiting outside the door.
So I proceeded to tie him to the tree outside the building.
I checked on him periodically throughout class.
Each time he was just sitting there like a good little boy.
During class we bestowed the name "Nephi" upon him.
Seeing as we found him outside the seminary building.
After class we booked it over to the tree.
Nephi was still chilling there.
We untied him and then we headed to 3rd.
I went outside Mrs. Sheen's class and held him up to the window.
She thought he was just the cutest thing
which he was
And let me bring him inside.
I tied him to my desk and he just played around in the class for a couple of minutes.
I could tell he had to go to the bathroom so I took him outside for a quick dump.
Just as he finished relieving himself,
two other dogs ran up. 
Then ran off.
He followed.
My dog ran away from me.
I tried to chase him for a minute.
Apparently I'm not quite as fast as dogs.
I slowly walked back into Sheen's with no puppy.
A little while later Christa came into the class room and informed me that Nephi was outside!
So of course I ran right out of there and found him in the pouring rain sitting outside the front door. 
I opened the door and scooped him up into my arms.
I was just outside with him for a minute when a truck pulled up.
Somebody called the pound.
They took him right out of my arms and put him in the kennel.
Gone forever.


CaLea said...

This was probably the most devastating story of my whole entire life. :(

Shelbie Jude said...

..... i'm gonna cry.

I saw you guys playing with him before you went into the seminary building! i was a few steps behind you.

creepin' as ushe.

laura and i died laughing at the situation.

but now, it's not a laughing matter.