Sunday, May 15, 2011

Well hello again.

I do so well for awhile at a post a day.
Then my room gets to be a massive mess and I can't stand to be in it for longer than the required 45 seconds for me to get dressed in the morning.
Therefore, I could not sit in there and type on this here blog.
I finally cleaned my room
Vacuumed and everything.
It's nice.

I wish I had a real thing to write about.
But lately my life has kind of just been a blur.
You know that feeling when it seems like you are watching your life on a TV screen and you aren't actually a part of it? Well that is how I feel right now. And the weirdest part of it all? In less than three weeks, I'm done.
Done with all of my classes.
Done with Student Council.
Done with public education.
I'm graduating.
It is a weird concept.
I've been through the "last day of school" excitement for twelve years.
But this year is different.
Because there is no coming back.
It is really over.
Even when I went from elementary school to junior high. Or junior high to high school. Not a whole lot changed. I still saw all the same people, minus a few there and add a few here. But it was just a bigger version of whatever I was doing before.
This time, it will be one hundred percent different.
Sure it'll be a bigger version of what I'm doing now,
But I wont see the same people at school.
My mom won't be making my lunches for me.
I'll be in my own apartment.
I am so ready to move on.
And so terrified at the same time.
How do I know if I am really ready to grow up?
I don't even know what I want to be when I grow up.
I have a few ideas, but every few weeks I change my mind.
And there are a lot of things I just don't know.
I wish someone would just tell me everything I need to know about my future.
What I'm going to be.
Where I'm going to live.
Who I'm going to marry.
Yeah, that would be nice. 
Especially the last one.
It would save me a lot of stress.
Well, eventually I come up with something good to talk about.
Until then, I bid thee all farewell.

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