Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thank goodness for sunny days.

Last night I told my friend I like tulips.
So he invited me over to see his mother's tulip garden.
And to mingle.
You can't mingle without cookies.
So I brought cookies.
In a picnic basket.
Hence the picture.
[Mine looked just like that except better because it had red plaid material]
And you can't have a picnic without lemonade.
So he made lemonade.
With a hint of lime.
And we sat on his front porch.
For approximately ten minutes.
It gets hot pretty fast at 4:00. 
So we spent the rest of the afternoon on his couch.
Then we picked up his dog. 
He looked like Lassie. 
And if you're wondering, they do have strollers for your pets.
In case walking them just wasn't cutting it for you,
You can push them.
Then we just chatted it up some more at his humble abode. 
I eventually had to leave because of a pre-scheduled event...
If you ever want to hear some of the funniest stories, let me know. 
And I will give you this kid's telephone number.
Because he has some of the best.
Mostly about other family members.
But nonetheless hilarious.
They are like the stories that are made up in movies.
Except real.
And even funnier.
Hope your day was as relaxed as mine.
Enjoy the company of another. 
Peace out chub scouts.

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Jessica said...

I love when you have picnics.