Sunday, May 29, 2011

Throw some glitter, make it rain.

Best. Cavestock. Ever.
It all started with Powderpuff.
Oh Juniors.
Kelsey and I decided that we were going to tackle the juniors and sophomores team. 
Even though it was flag football.
So we chose our first target.
It took awhile because every time our coaches decided to put us in, she was never in.
Or we were on offense.
Or she was in and we weren't.
FINALLY she was in and we were on defense.
Spencer sends us in.
She is standing across from us just smiling as if everything is good in the world.
We just smile back because we know what is coming to her.
The ref blew the whistle, and we attacked. 
I went for her knee caps and Kelsey jumped on her back. 
She tried running with us attached to her, but we took her down.
It was hilarious.
Then the whistle was blown again, and we were thrown out of the game.
(Side note: Before this happened, Kelsey received a technical for a choice hand sign.)
So since we weren't allowed to go back in we took a little stroll around the field.
We got to the opposite side and an idea hit.
The field had just been mowed and and all the extra grass was lying around.
I told Kelsey to start gathering.
We then sent Scooby on mission.
To tell her that Steve (who was announcing) needed to talk to her.
She came frolicking across the field completely unaware.
She walked up to Steve, we attacked.
Once again.
First Kelsey threw her pile. 
She turned around to see who threw the pile only to be greeted by yet another huge pile of grass.
She got up on Steve's car and tried to grab the megaphone out of his hand.
Once she got it she made a quick announcement.
One that made us laugh quite hysterically.
I was on the ground laughing my face off.
I look up only to see her leap off the car and charge towards me. 
I almost died.
Then she attacked and I got her in a headlock.
Then I lost it and was laughing so hard I just fell to the ground.
Then she jumped on me and attacked again and it was so hilarious.
Good times.
We then were assured that we were out of the game for good.
No worries though, her and I?
No hard feelings.

After powderpuff we changed and headed over to Cavestock.
It started out great.
Only to get better.
Then it started to rain. 
I love the rain.
But apparently the band equipment doesn't love it as much.
We ended up having to move everything into the smallest gym at our school.
With the biggest amount of people we've ever had at a dance.
The final two bands preformed and then we watched the lip dub video Spencer made.
I was in it. 
Even though you couldn't really see me..
The dance finally began.
The part of Cavestock I'd been waiting for.
The last dance of the year.
Of my entire high school career.
And let me tell you,
It proved itself worthy of being my final high school dance.
And I'd like to apologize for any glitter found in your hair or on your body post Cavestock.
But let's be honest,
It was freaking legit.
And I helped clean it up. 
I wish I would of waited until Blow. 
That would of been legit.
Oh well.
Happy weekend.
Seniors: enjoy your last week of high school.
Live it up.

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CaLea said...

This made my life.