Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life, love, happiness and quotes.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."
-Marilyn Monroe.

I do not think there is one person on this earth who hasn't thought about changing themselves for someone else.
Even just a small little thing.
But why?
Why is everyone so determined to make the rest of the world happy?
The funny thing is, if you are happy with yourself and how you are, then the world is happy for you.
The people who matter don't care,
and the people who care don't matter.

People don't realize that they are great.
And 95% of the time that people change for someone else,
it doesn't work out.
And they eventually change back.
Or are miserable for eternity.
I wish they could just see how truly great they are in the first place.
You can't change what people are,
Without destroying who they were.

And who decides what is "cool" and what's not?
Why is everyone trying to pretend they are something when they aren't that something at all.
"It's better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you're not."

Be yourself.
There is only one of you out there.
And if you aren't you, then who will be?

 "Just be yourself. Because life's too short to be anybody else."
(I'm just full of quotes today.)

And sometimes, you feel like you won't amount to much of anything.
But don't let anyone ever make you feel like you don't deserve what you want. 
Because everyone deserves the very best in life.
Everyone deserves to be happy.

And I don't know how every single thing I say and talk about eventually leads up to love, but here it is.
Everyone deserves to love and be loved.
But you shouldn't change for a person "because you love them."
They should love you just the way you are.
Faults and all.
And if you want to change, it is because YOU want to be a better person. 
Not because you want to color in a make believe version of yourself. 
If they don't love you at your worst,
Then they don't deserve you at your best. 

I think I figured out what I'm "in love" with.
It's everyone else's love. 
And that is why I couldn't put my finger on it before.
Because there is not one particular person. 
Everyone is falling in love and it makes me so happy.

Even if it means that one by one the amount of available boys are becoming fewer.

Just like I said,
Everyone deserves to be in love.
Which means my time will come.
Obviously right now is not the right time for me.
So I'll wait.
Because a smart boy once told me, 
the more patient I am, 
the hotter my husband will be.
And if that is true,
Boy. He'll be a looker.
Plus. I'm not really into the whole "not real" relationship.
I'm looking for the real deal. 
I don't do fake.
And since no one can give me the real deal right now,
I just have to wait.
Being mad and jealous that others are falling in love doesn't make someone fall in love with me any faster.
If anything, it just prolongs my wait. 
So I'll be patient. 
And happy for others.
Because let's be honest, 
Some of these new couples are cute.
Besides, I'll look back at this and be so glad I waited.
Because giving up all of the time I waited to someone who isn't fully what I want or deserve, isn't worth it to me. 
I've said this at least a thousand times, let's make it a thousand and one.
Everything happens for a reason.
And sometimes things fall apart only so that better things can fall together. 
I know that one day my prince charming will come.
And he'll be exactly what I wanted all along.

"It's like all the bad stuff you went through, that you hated along the way, the people who disappointed you, the things that didn't go the way you wanted, suddenly you feel grateful to them because they are the things that got you here, to this." -The Perfect Man.

Then make your dreams come true.

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