Sunday, May 15, 2011

This is the story of a girl.

Once upon a time there was a girl.
Her hair never looked quite right.
Her body is nothing similar to one of a supermodel.
And even with makeup, she is far from flawless.
Sometimes her clothes don't match.
She doesn't have a cute laugh.
She says the wrong thing more often than not.
And she messes up on a regular basis.
She is pretty good at being a loner.
She loves watching chick flicks alone at night.
And she has never been kissed.
She's never been in a real relationship.
Occasionally it seems like there is a possibility with someone, 
But things don't often go her way and somehow she always ends up in the exact same place she started at: Alone. 
She jokes about her relationship status.
Because it is quite humerous.
But it's not always funny to her.
Sometimes she wants to be a regular girl and just complain about how bad it sucks to always be the friend. 
Never anything more.
But sometimes she thinks about her situation.
And she remembers a saying she has heard time and time again.
"Good things come to those who wait."
So she waits.
And waits.
But sometimes her patience starts running thin, and she so badly wants to quit. 
Wants to just give up on it all.
Then she remembers..
Good things come to those who wait.
So she goes right back to waiting.
Because she knows if she really truly wanted to, she could probably find someone to kiss her right now. But it is not what she wants. Because she knows that it wouldn't be good. And she has waited so long already, why waste it all on something that wouldn't be the absolute best.
So she still waits.
And she'll keep waiting.
Because one day, he'll come along.
And he'll be worth it.
Worth all the waiting.
Worth all the jokes made about her relationship status and virgin lips.
Worth all the dateless nights.
Worth all the heartaches.
And when he comes, she'll know.
There might be a few pretend ones along the way.
They'll come along at times when she thinks all is lost and they'll help her get through that little bump in the road. 
And then they'll leave.
They might come back as him
But they might not.
And it's ok.
Because all of the wrong ones will make the right one just that much better.
How can she know true happiness without sorrow?
Every heartache and lonely night will make her so grateful for all the laughs and the nights she spends with him.
And he will make her so happy.
He'll love everything about her.
He'll love her obsession with post-it notes.
And one day he will do something really cute with them.
And it will show her just how perfect he is. And how glad she is that she waited and didn't give up and settle for anything less than the best.
Then they'll live happily ever after.
Because happily ever afters exist.
(Even if her English teacher tells her they don't.)
And everything that happened before won't matter.
He won't care that she graduated with virgin lips.
Or that some Saturdays she spent being the only person in an entire theater.
He'll love everything she was, because who she was made her who she is.
And he loves who she is.


CaLea said...

Love this. And you.

Brittney Lauren Griffith said...

JENNA!! You're an amazing girl, and wonderful friend!! You will find a boy who actually deserves the amazing you eventually!! It's just high school don't fret, I'm in the same boat, but I love you too death! You are one of the most amazing inspirational best friends i'll ever have! Love you girl! :)