Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 21.

Nine days left.
What on earth will I write about after this 30 days?
I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Another Moment [day 21]

Hm..another moment? 
Ok. I have a hard time thinking of good moments to share with the rest of you, but there is a book sitting right next to me so it helped me think of this moment.

I had been anticipating "this moment" for a while now. 
My best friend told me she was working on my birthday present.
And I was working on hers. 
Her birthday came a few days before mine so she didn't have to wait as long.
But the anticipation was killing me.
Secret phone calls, secret messages, secret conversations, I don't enjoy secrets.
Especially when I know they are being made and I'm not allowed to get out of the car because she has to go do something that has to do with this present. 
I was beyond excited to see what it was.
FINALLY December 15th came. 
I get to school and she tells me it's not ready.
So I have to wait. Even longer. 
We had a choir concert that night and she told me she'd probably have it ready to give me after the concert.
I did not make her suffer this much. 
I was dying to know what this was. 
So I waited all day. 
Then the concert came.
And went.
It was about ten o'clock and I was still waiting. 
I decided to take a quick nap on the couch.
She finally decided to show up at about 11:00. 
Basically the end of my birthday.
But it was so worth the wait.
The present just has a little red ribbon wrapped around it.
It was a book.
A scrapbook.
I open it up and there are pictures.
And letters.
Letters from my close friends.
My family.
My seminary teacher.
Mrs. Sheen.
All the SBOs.
And Kelsey.
I don't cry at a whole lot of things.
I definitely cried when I read this.
It was the greatest present I have ever received. 
And it was the greatest moment when I read all of the letters. 
So if you want to do something nice for someone,
Write them a letter.
If you want to do something extraordinarily incredible for someone, 
get everyone to write them a letter and compile it into a book. 
They'll treasure it forever.

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