Monday, April 11, 2011

Take 5.

I'm taking a small break.
I've been at the bestie's since approximately 1:00.
Its 7:00.
What have we been doing do you ask?
Watching movies.
Oh yeah.
And not just any old movies.
Disney movies.
On the VCR.
(She didn't even own one,
I had to bring mine over.)
Me, her and the b.f.
We started out with a little:

Then switched over to:

Seth came over for his favorite:

 Then we just ended with:
 I had to come home to get some dinner...But no worries. I'll be back. And we'll most likely go for a few more hours. It's fine. We're just trying to get in the mood for Disneyland. Besides, what is spring break without lying around on the couch for hours on end?

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Alexis Kay said...

Your going to disneyland too?! No way!!