Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Words from the small one.

"I wish I could just fast forward my life 
to the place where I want to be."

This came from my seven year old little sister today while I was babysitting her.
She was sick today so she couldn't go up and play at my uncle's. 
I guess this is what technology is teaching the little ones of this generation.
When she watches TV she can fast forward all of the commercials so it makes sense why she thinks it would be ok to skip all the boring parts of her life.
But I told her that if she skipped all the parts she doesn't like, then she would miss out on so many things.
It didn't really make sense to her.
So instead, I'm telling all of you.
Don't go through life wishing to be at a different time. 
Just be in the now. 
I promise it is not always as bad as it seems. 
And bad times are always followed by good times. 
So just enjoy the moment and live for today. 

This is the last post for a few days because I'm heading off to Cali in the morning.
I'm counting down the hours.
I will return on Sunday with pictures and loads of stories, I'm sure.
Unless I decide to stick to the plan and just stay and live on the beach...
Enjoy the rest of spring break.
I know I will. 
Peace out.

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