Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 5 x 5.

A First.
Ah. There are so many firsts.
Like the first time I rode a long board.
The first date I went on. 
My first phone.
First job.
First kiss. Oh wait...
First real house.
First Ipod.
First concert.
First day of school.
First time I sent out a missionary.
First trip to Disneyland.
First best friend.
First midnight movie.
First set of my own scriptures.
First time going fishing.
First time floating on my back in the water.
First time riding a bike.
First love.
First prom.
First high school dance.
First journal.
First road trip.
First baby sister.
First football game.
First interview.
First time being on student council.
There is an endless list of firsts. Everything you ever have done, will do, or are doing has at one time had a first. So how do I pick just one to talk about? When there are so many.
That is why instead of me talking about one specific firsts, here is a little blog post about firsts, in general.
Try and remember that feeling you get when you try something new, when you are experiencing a first. Like your first date, or the first time you rode a bicycle with no training wheels. Remember how excited you were? And how nothing in the world seemed better than that moment right then? Just take some time and relive those beautiful moments. Recall those feelings of utter excitement and anxiety. And next time you are scared to try something new, just remember how it feels to be going through a first. And just do it. Everything deserves to be tried once. 


Shelbie Jude said...

i'm obsessed with your blog.

let's be real.

Jenna said...

I'm not quite sure you understand how much that statement just meant to me.
P.s. If we are being real...
I'm obsessed with you.