Saturday, April 2, 2011

The twenty second day.

*Something that upsets you*

There aren't a ton of things that upset me.
There are quite a few things that bother me, 
but not necessarily upset me.
One thing though that does upset me, 
is when girls and boys are in relationships that they shouldn't be in.
I know it is technically none of my business, and "I don't know the whole story" or "I don't really see how they act with each other" but it really bothers me when you can tell they aren't happy.
Everyone deserves to be happy.
Especially in a relationship.
But things are so messed up that one person in a relationship can basically control the other.
It really upsets me.
Especially when you try and tell a person to get out of this relationship but they don't listen and there isn't much else you can do.
And yes, there is a chance that the person in the wrong can change.
But the chances are slim.
Why not just find someone you are happy with from the beginning?
Instead of someone who kind of makes you happy, but they upset you more.
Oh, but they'll change. They promise. 
That is another thing that upsets me.
The value of a promise.
In the olden days, (Aka Book of Mormon times. I'm talking old school.)
promises were taken a whole lot more seriously.
Like if someone made a promise back then, 
they kept it.
Or they died. Basically.
But now?
You can promise anything you want but in the end people always can find a way to get out of that promise.
I'm not saying I'm perfect and have kept every promise I've ever made.
But I've broken promises and have had plenty of promises made to me broken.
So I'm coming from both sides. 
And to be honest, both sides suck.
I know sometimes it can be really hard to keep a promise.
So be smart from the beginning and if you think there is even a slight possibility that you might not be able to keep it, don't make it. 
Another thing that really upsets me is when parents abuse their children or each other. 
I don't understand it.
I really truly can not comprehend how you could hit something that you brought into this world. 
There is nothing ok about it. Ever.
It just angers me and I don't get why those kids have such stupid idiotic parents that decide to have kids just so they have an extra punching bag. 
Verbal abuse too. 
If you aren't going to love your kids with absolutely every fiber of your being, let someone else.
Oh. And the elderly.
When people are rude or mean or anything of the sort to the elderly.
That also upsets me. A lot.
I guess there are a lot more things that upset me than I thought. Because the more I'm writing the more come to me. But I won't make you suffer through anymore of life's problems that upset me. 
BUT. No matter how many crappy things are out there in the world, don't let the things that upset you take over your life. Happiness is a choice and even in the worst situations you always have the chance to come out on top. So be aware of the bad things, and try your hardest to make them better, but don't let them be the center of your existence. Then they are winning. ["They" as in the bad people in this world. Duh.] So focus on the great things. Because there are a million more of those. 
"To be upset over what you don't have is to waste what you do have." -Ken S. Keyes
Peace out.
P.S. Even if you really really don't want to, watch G.C. Stay awake through one full session. Maybe even take a few notes. It helps you stay awake and focus. I promise you'll get at least one question answered if you watch it.It's not like you have anything better to do.

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