Monday, April 18, 2011

Home sweet home.

Well, the plan failed.

I ended up coming home. 
Which is kind of a good thing because you see, I sort of missed my family...
But no worries, I'll be returning to the beach at a later time. 
Any who, spring break was overall a success.
I'll give you a run down version of my past few days.
For all of those who don't really care, 
Stop reading now.
For everyone else,
Feel free to continue.

It all started on Wednesday morning. 
We were scheduled to load the buses at 8:00.
The fact that that didn't happen is no surprise to me.
When is anything ever actually on time?
Apparently the buses thought they were supposed to leave the station at 8. 
Not be here at 8.
It's fine, they eventually came.
One came, then the second, third, and fourth.
Interesting. We were bus five.
No bus five. 
We wait some more...
Still nothing.
Then someone calls and our bus and of course, 
it had broken down.
So finally it pulls up.
When we first arrived at the school, we had made allies and arranged plans on how exactly we would retrieve the very back seats of the bus. 
Our plan succeed.
My best friend and I had the very back seats right in front of the bathroom.
(don't fret, we didn't allow anyone to actually use the bathroom.)
So the trip started and we were on our way.
We made a few stops along the way. 
By the second stop, we had all lost at least ten pounds each from sweating.
No one could figure out why the driver decided using the heater was a better idea than the a.c. 
Memories flooded back of last year when the bus over heated and eventually broke down on the freeway because the driver didn't realize it in time. 
Interesting was the exact same driver.
Coincidence? Not a chance.
Finally, we arrived in St. George where our drivers were scheduled to switch.
It got a lot cooler after that. 
And after driving all day, we arrived at the hotel at about 1 am. 
The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel, took our seasick medicine, then jumped on the buses and were on our way to Newport beach for our whale watching cruise. 
The cruise lasted about two and a half hours.
With no whales in sight.
But, we did see TONS of dolphins.
Which was an equally cool experience.
They would ride the waves that the boat made.
So cool.
We also made friends with the captains of the boat so we got to sit up in the cabin with them. They were pretty funny. And we just lounged around on the boat for awhile. Enjoying the sun and cool ocean breeze.
Then the moment I had been waiting for.
We finally got to go to the beach. 
You'd think for how much I wanted to go I would of jumped in the water the second we got there.
I didn't.
We shopped around for a little bit, grabbed lunch, then headed down to the sand.
I was getting a little antsy. 
But I still didn't even get in the water.
I laid out my towel and all my things, then just enjoyed the sun.
I spent a little time just lying on my towel, then I got up and walked around on the beach.
We buried Steve in the sand. Then Dave next to him. Then Benji on top of him. 
Don't ask.
Then I just lounged around until it was time to go.
And it was soo beautiful,
I love just being on the beach. 
The whole atmosphere of it.
I easily could of spent the fest of our trip / the rest of my life there.
So the time came and we had to leave.
We headed back to the hotel and got ready for dinner.
Medieval Times.
Ever heard of it?
It was decent.
Not my favorite. 
We did get crowns though.
But they bring in the food dish by dish.
Chicken, ribs, a baked potato kind of thing, and a pastry.
But no utensils. 
You eat everything with your hands.
And the whole time you are eating, there is a little show going on.
A jousting show.
It was super sweet at the beginning. 
They came in on real horses and everything.
But then it dragged on.
And on.
And on. 
(Kind of like this post, I know.)
And the acting was a little on the cheesy side.
But eventually that was over and we went back to the hotel. 
Friday = Disneyland.
We went on about five rides before we were scheduled to be at the recording studio in California Adventures. 
Which was a pretty cool experience. 
We came in and this crazy old man "taught'' us how to sing a few songs and then he'd record us singing and then play the movie the song was from and instead of the regular song playing, it would be us singing. It's not everyday you get to do that. Pretty cool. 
Except for the fact we kind of sucked it it ended up being pretty interesting to listen to. But still cool.
Then went back out and hit up the rides again. 
Later on, a few of us headed across the street to IHOP and had dinner there.
Then rode the bus back to the hotel, went to sleep, and prepared ourselves for the next day.
Saturday. We had festival in the morning. 
At some elementary school.
And if I do say so myself, we wrecked.
We were incredible.
It was great to see the other choir's faces as we sang. 
They were awestruck.
I was a little astonished myself. 
After we all sang we watched a few others perform. 
Oh man. 
There was this one choir..
First of all, they came out in some interesting dresses. Not the usual simple choir ones.
Then instead of stepping up on stage, they set themselves out in front. 
Then proceeded to sing Lady GaGa. Complete with dancing. 
Two words: Glee Club.
They did two more numbers after that and we all had a hard time holding ourselves together at first. 
Because it was dang funny.
After that little show, Chamber performed. 
They did amazing. Nothing short of the usual. 
After the festival we had a few choices.
Head back to Disneyland.
Or head back to the hotel.
Seeing as we had just spent the entire day before in the blazing sun at Disneyland and planned on staying until midnight that night, we decided to kick it at the hotel until we were supposed to be in Disneyland for awards. 
I cleaned our room (which was kind of a disaster..)
Then Kels and I headed down to the pool with some others to get our tan on. 
We stayed down there for awhile, then we all got ready and did a little shopping, had dinner at Red Robin, and took the bus over to Disneyland. 
We got there right on time for the awards. 
And basically, we killed.
We took first in everything we competed in.
I know what you're thinking, first place in Super cool.
But guess what, it kind of is. 
So after that we went on the Monsters Inc. ride, then we got tickets to the World of Colors show.
Sooooooo sweet. 
Oh man, it was one of the coolest shows I've ever seen. 
It was this water show and they projected different scenes of Disney movies on the water and the water would shoot up all different colors, and it was just way way cool.
Then Kelsey and I stood in line for Space Mountain. Because in reality, that was one of the few rides we actually wanted to ride. 
It was like 11:00 when we got in line and we were supposed to leave at midnight. 
We got on the ride at 11:50. 
Its fine.
We rode it and then ran to get our caramel apples, then booked it to the bus stop.
We made it just in time for the bus to arrive and take us back to the hotel. 
The original plan was to pull an all nighter that night because we would just sleep the whole way home, but when we walked into our room, all of our roomies were completely out. So we figured it would be a little difficult to stay up all night if we had to be silent. 
So we stayed up til about three ish, then hit the hay. 
Sunday morning we loaded all of our stuff on the bus, got on, and headed home.
Drove all day and all night and got home at about 11. 
All in all, great trip. 
There were a few speed bumps along the way, but it ended up being a really fun senior choir tour. 
And I'm sure California was sad to see us go.
Or more like we were sad to leave. 
And no worries, I was probably the only person on the entire tour who didn't have a "choir tour romance".
It's fine. I'm not really into the week long crushes anyway..
I'm waiting for the real deal. 
Also, I did take a few photos during the trip,
I'm just not really in the mood to get up, find the camera, upload them onto the computer, then upload them onto the blog. I know, I'm a tiny bit on the lazy side.
But I've got an entire body bag full of clothes that need to be put away...
So I should get on that.
Hope you all enjoyed your break from prison. 
I sure did. 
Peace out chub scouts.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jenna,

I adore you.

That's all.

Love, morgan jo.

jayni & ben said...

Bens dad runs those things down there. I bet you saw him. Maybe he was the crazy old guy. Ha ha just kidding.